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Stylish and Functional A Frame Treehouse

Frame construction technology has opened up new opportunities in the context of integrating architecture into the environment. A particularly successful example of such an object is the a frame treehouse from Jacobschang Architecture.

The cottage is built in a forest on a fairly uneven landscape. But it was not necessary to level the plot under it, since the house literally hung in the air. Living trees became the foundation for the cottage. The architects tied the frame to them.

And due to the slope of the site, the entrance to the building is made from the ground – there is no need to climb the stairs.

Perspective view from the windows of a frame tree house

By raising the house above ground level, the architects achieved good view characteristics, as the building rises several meters up instead of being built into the slope.

In the direction of the slope, a panorama of the adjacent forest landscape opens. To emphasize this and achieve the integration of the object with the environment, large windows were installed here, which also provide high-quality daylight.

The naturalness of a frame tree house

In order for the cottage to blend into the surroundings as harmoniously as possible, it was completely built and finished with natural materials – local wood. This creates special comfortable conditions inside the building and affects the microclimate.

The cottage corresponds to the atmosphere of the forest, but at the same time it is distinguished by the highest level of comfort for a modern family. It does not stand out against the background of the forest and does not pull the emphasis on itself, but merges with the splendor of nature, joins it.

The cost-effectiveness of a frame tree house

With its showiness and modern configuration, the construction of such a house is available for customers with a fairly limited budget. This is mainly due to the lack of earthworks and the arrangement of the foundation. Further, the role is played by the inexpensive technology of building the house itself.

In this case, taking into account the peculiarities of the site, with traditional construction, the lion’s share of the budget would be spent on installing a base for a cottage. But since this is a light frame tree house, it is not the foundation that serves as supports for it, but the trunks of pine trees existing here, to which the frame is attached. Traditional processing and protection of boards from decay ensures a long service life of the structure in winter and summer.

ArchitectsJacobschang Architecture
ImagesNoah Kalina