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Summer House with Veranda 📌 A vivid manifestation of personality

The house reflects the inner world of man. The layout of the building, a feature of style, a dominant shade, some special elements. Every detail is important. And even the area on which the house is located.

To build a house you need a large budget. If he is too modest, do not give up. Professional architects will help achieve the desired effect. The result can be even better than expected.


Matanzas is one of the favorite places for fans of kitesphere and windsphere. There is a special area where the most suitable waves and winds prevail for practicing this sport.

The owner of this house, clearly showed his personality. He is a sincere lover of extremely exciting hobbies. This can be seen in the unusual facade and continues in the apartment. The architecture of the summer cottage attracts the eye. The combination of laconicism, freedom in space and environmentally friendly natural materials is striking.


The site is located on a hilltop. This feature of the area creates a natural protection from the south wind. Surprising dynamism of the roof. It changes in width relative to the base, creating a fantastic geometry. If you look at the house from a different angle, each time it will seem different.

For the construction of the house used high quality materials. They are impregnated with pine wood, both for construction and for cladding. Pine wood is a rich material in the area and is often used by local workers. From the very beginning, it was believed that it has large windows oriented to the north (with a view of the landscape and the abundance of the sun), as well as a facade with small openings to the south, which reduces heat loss.

The house plan provides for:

Terrace closed. A cozy corner where you can feel comfortable without suffering from the sun and wind. Gorgeous views of the Rapel River.

Planning a summer house including the exterior and interior, – a limit that disappears when you open the windows. At the opposite end of the terrace are the bedrooms and the bathroom. Such a layout is relevant for future extensions of space.

Take note! Panoramic windows give you the pleasure of a beautiful landscape, regardless of the time of year. The combination of hills, beaches, marine sports. This house is pleasantly located, feeling comfort, security and peace. All the problems and noise of the big city remain somewhere beyond the horizon. After all, here is true freedom and unity with nature.

Architects Cerda Pe Arquitectos
Area105 m2
Photo Sebastián Cerda Pé