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Extraordinary Symmetrical House for Big Family

Symmetrical house – private housing with an entrance in the central part and two identical wings to the left and right of the entrance group. As a rule, this is a fairly spacious property intended for a large family. A feature of a symmetrical house in traditional architecture is a classic. But now architects have learned to beat the ultramodern styles here – constructivism, modern, high-tech, minimalism. This solution is presented in the photo of a symmetrical house from the London architectural bureau Cullinan Studio.

Consider the design of a modern symmetrical house, its features, and why and for whom such housing is suitable.


Symmetry in the architecture of the house will appeal to conservative, calm, successful people. This is an actual option for connoisseurs of perfectionism and regular shapes.

The symmetrical house looks solid and reliable. Facing the facade with brick and wood gives it classic features, but due to the original form, straightforwardness, and conditional separation into two sections, it also contains signs of ultramodern architectural directions. This is a stylish, solid family home.

Gable roof – another classic element that led to the room on the top floor with a mansard roof. Its peculiarity is that the architects “torn” the structure in the middle, making for each section their pitched roof.

Practicality and convenience of planning

In a two-story symmetrical house, it will be possible to divide the space into three independent main parts. The first of these is public. It is intended for hanging out with relatives, receiving guests, celebrating, and relaxing with children.

Here is a living room, kitchen, and dining room. The second part is functional. There are study rooms, a lounge area, a guest bedroom, a workshop, a utility room, etc. The third zone is private. It has four bedrooms, including a master bedroom with a private bathroom. The house also has a basement with a pantry and a spacious games room, which is not inferior in size to the living room.


Due to the symmetry of the house and the presence of a hallway with a second light, and a staircase in the center, when zoning the space, it is possible to maximally localize the rooms from each other. The house is divided into two buildings.

Having activated the upper floor under the bedrooms, it will turn out to make rooms for children and adults not next to each other, but in separate wings. By dividing the space below, it is possible to localize the living room and functional rooms from each other. In this case, the wings of the house are practically divided into separate sections, so the rooms on the top floor in them seem to be located in different houses.

The kitchen and dining area at the same time are placed outside the symmetric part of the house. During cooking, celebrations, noise, and smells will not interfere with those who are in the residential part of the building, the bedroom. This technique also made the property more spacious.

Thus, a modern two-story symmetrical house is the choice of those who seek to provide the most comfortable living conditions for each member of a large family. Here everyone will have their own space, using which neither children nor adults will interfere with each other.

Architects Cullinan Studio
Photo Jim Stephenson