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Timber Frame House Designs 📌 385 m² Simple forms inside and out

timber house designs

Frame residential buildings carry comfort and warmth, which cannot be replaced with anything. The charming texture of the walls, the pleasant smell of natural wood, the beautiful color of the walls play a role in choosing a project for building construction and its decoration. Specialists of architectural bureaus learned to reuse materials that are embodied in grandiose realized buildings. One such example is the design of a house made of timber.

timber frame home designs

Representatives of the Creative Production Association CPU PRIDE worked on the creation of a suburban residence. Only connoisseurs of true traditions and people who subtly feel the primordial nature of Russian color can convey the true spirit of comfortable housing. This house displays the feeling of warmth of a home nest that reigns in national settlements. That is why the frame type of construction was chosen for construction.

timber home designs

There is a myth that frame structures are temporary objects. Proper design allows you to build a durable residential object with maximum comfort.


post and beam home designs

Scenic beauty of the pine forest itself predisposes to finish building a natural material. The glued beam of the ideal displays and emphasizes the natural texture of the tree. For the foundation, a reinforced concrete coating is chosen that reliably holds the structure. The main advantages of the frame structure are as follows:

  • Low construction costs – modern construction systems allow you to realize a full-fledged house much faster than from other materials;
  • Minimum operating costs;
  • Low level of thermal conductivity, which provides an efficient heating system;
  • Simple laying of communications;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • No shrinkage.


timber framed bungalows designs

Now back to the project presented in the photo, and consider its beauty outside and inside. Very rarely, a tree is covered or treated with other finishing materials. The external picture of the frame building is in itself original and attractive. In our case, the design in a wooden house made of timber is made in the country style.

grand designs timber house

Architects picked up the horizontal masonry bars to increase the size of the object. It looks oblong, with rationally used space. Complementary elements are windows. They alternate in the same rectangular shape. Finishing black PVC openings, which serves as a stylistic contrast to the facade, was a successful solution. A sloping black roof with a slope is also a unified idea of sketching a house.

timber cottage designs

The basement of the structure is lined with gray artificial stone, which is in perfect harmony with the black finish of the facade. The house has two entrances. The front door is made with a concrete staircase, also finished with bricks, and the other faces the back of the courtyard, where the garage is located.


As a rule, the interior design of a house made of timber is saved “in the bare” display. Closing a tree with wallpaper or stucco, designers make a big mistake, because you should not hide such beauty. The design of the space can be varied, but you need to adhere to some rules. Ultramodern trends in the form of hi-tech or minimalism will be inappropriate. It is better to use classic, Scandinavian or eco-options based on the abundance of wood material.

timber frame cabin designs

design of a wooden house made of timber inside

Luxurious interior highlighted the easy style of the country, which is demonstrated in the unobtrusive design of the walls. Having beaten the premises with decorative elements, designers reached the highest point of skill.

post frame home designs

design of rooms of a house from a bar

Agree that the design of a house from a bar inside always seems cozy and calm. Do not know what is the secret? The answer is quite simple – a maximum of wood and a minimum of cluttered furniture. The emphasis on details, paintings, exquisite creative compositions became a feature of each room. This helps not only to dilute the interior, but also to revive it, remove the focus from the natural finish, give juiciness.


interior design of houses from timber

The first floor of the house in most of the space set aside for the hall-living room with kitchen. The open kitchen has already become the usual layout of modern houses. It is practical and functional, especially for rural cottages. All walls remained in their original form without additional processing of the coating. Black parquet is an extravagant detail of the room.

grand designs timber framed house

living room design in a wooden house made of timber

Remarkable is the fact that the second floor is not covered by a continuous ceiling. Architects chose to increase the area of the house, abandoning massive ceilings. Ascent to the upper level is carried out on a wooden staircase. One part of which is wooden, and the opposite is glass. In the same glazed form are made and small partitions in the living room.


interior design of a house made of timber inside

The fireplace in the living room looks great, the presence of which is an ancient tradition of arranging a room for receiving guests. They did not disregard the finish of the base in accordance with fire safety rules. Laying in the form of a blue tile is perfectly complemented by a light blue carpet on the floor. Another highlight of the design was the perforation of the chimney with a voluminous 3-D picture in the style of abstractionism.


kitchen design in a wooden house made of timber

Spacious dining room accommodates a beautiful table, sofa, chairs, upholstered. The color palette is combined in gray shades from dark to light. The kitchen is modern, concise, with characteristic notes of minimalism. All the equipment is built-in, the lamps on the protruding white ceiling are pointwise located throughout the coating. In the absence of bright colors on the furniture, the designers made a subtle addition. Near the kitchen ceramic table, bar stools were set in bright yellow. This shade is in harmony with the tree and gives the room warmth.

best timber house design

walls design of timber house

A country-style kitchen looks impressive, without a massive headset it is spacious, even with a modest area. White cabinets and appliances remain in natural color, which matches the interior. The complex design of the kitchen in a house made of timber is to combine practicality and beauty, which is fully transferred in this project.


interior design in a wooden house made of timber

No matter how a person tries to decorate his home, the bedroom remains the most secret place to remove from problems. Actually, the design of the bedroom in the house from the bar is made just like that. The original appearance of the wooden walls gives a special atmosphere, filling the room with the aroma of a pine forest. The balance of color and light is complemented by large windows, from which the sun’s rays illuminate the room.

design of a country house made of timber

In total, the house has 4 bedrooms, which is enough for a large family or the arrival of relatives. All rooms have the same style, where there is nothing superfluous. A soft bed, a pair of nightstands and a few paintings are enough for a pleasant stay.

Designers did not use curtains so as not to obscure the amazing beauty of nature. The winter landscape, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off, is simply mesmerizing, fascinating. Resting, you can look out the window and enjoy the snow-white gleam of the best, while being closed to prying eyes.

The architects knew very well what the owners of this mansion wanted. Maximum luxury with minimal design. The design of the house from a bar inside, the photo of which we now see, resembles a Swiss chalet in the Alps. One gets the impression that this is not a Russian hut, but a luxurious cottage of hunters. Designers left massive logs that strongly emphasize the naturalness of the space.

interior design of a house from a bar

At the same time, modern furniture and paintings by young artists hanging on each part of the walls were chosen in the interior. The design uses forged elements in the form of decor of the front door, fireplace. These are all the details responsible for harmony and comfort. Maybe the inner filling seems rustic, but the presence of fashionable attributes, an abundance of lighting transform the space.


When designing a house made of glued beams, it is important to combine urban chic and familiar rural traditions. Looking at the general background of the housing area, we see a game of contrasts. The wood was laid in the transition of the dark texture of the material to light. Moreover, that each shades a certain area – doors, stairs, ceiling. Glass fencing of the second floor is also chosen for a reason. This made it possible to dilute the completely wooden decor so that it did not look too rough.

Spotlights in no way better complement the living room, directing light to the fireplace. A luxurious chandelier was chosen for the dining area, which is a kind of hint of eclecticism. The light texture of the tree in no way better affects the human psyche. The pacifying effect in this case plays its positive role.


The attitude to the frame structure is quite controversial. Not everyone agrees to such a building, based on warnings of unreliability and low fire resistance. Looking at this delightful house in the middle of a pine forest, many change their minds. The frame construction fits into the ideal natural area. Around the house the landscape is completely preserved without artificial plantings.

The idea of the design of the home decoration from the beam is repelled from the surrounding location. A brick or concrete structure would look awkward, inappropriate. Having looked closely at the outside of the facade, you can see an amazing thing. Due to the fact that there is a tree near the building, the architects came up with a hemispherical fence on the terrace. It is both a necessity and originality of forms.


Externally and internally, a suburban cottage is no different. A single palette of shades, the natural texture of the tree is saturated in everything. To create a favorable environment, the design in a wooden house made of timber in the photo is very restrained and concise. The country style was chosen not in vain and its features have successfully played in the arrangement of space.

timber frame home plans

simple timber frame house plans

modern timber frame house plans

In addition to a residential building, on the territory of the cottage there is an additional building intended for recreation. There are halls for training and yoga, a sauna, a lounge area, a room for watching movies. For the option of a country residence, it is very convenient and practical to have a full-fledged residential and entertainment complex.

timber house plans

As a result, architects recreated the national features of housing construction in a modern interpretation. And the key role was played by the design in the house made of timber, the photo of which showed us its peculiarity. Properly placed accents, selected scenery, minimal use of space have preserved the naturalness and naturalness of the area.

Frame house – the best solution for the scenic area

Clear, even lines outside the facade found their shape inside. The horizontal masonry of the bars contributed to the increase in the structure. The transitions of the tree in the ceilings, on the stairs, in the form of beams, completed their main task – they made the design of the house from a beam simple, and at the same time aristocratic.

modern design of timber houses

The sophisticated interior has become warm and cozy due to the preservation of the natural texture of wood. The lack of additional finishes and coating treatments blend in perfectly with the decor. Despite the many paintings, the rooms do not look oversaturated. This effect made it possible to make a light background of the decor and the presence of a lot of white.

Summing up, we can say that the modern design of houses made of timber in any case takes into account national traditions and features of housing. This is the only way to preserve home warmth and excellent comfort for life and relaxation.