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3+ Tips for How to Design High Ceiling Walls

High ceilings in the house in the context of interior design are considered an undeniable advantage. The owners have ample opportunities in terms of housing design, creating a spectacular, atmospheric environment. But in order for the high ceiling wall design to be successful, it is important to follow several rules and recommendations.

You should expose high ceilings in an attractive light, put an emphasis on this, emphasize the quality of housing, since it is the height that is one of the most important indicators of status.

Zoning in the high ceiling wall design

Divide the wall visually into three levels. The first one will be basic – up to a meter. Depending on the purpose of the room, you can even use a special, practical finish here. At this height, furniture is installed under the walls – cabinets, dressers, tables. The second level can be made functional or aesthetic by placing shelves, TV, paintings, decor, lamps here.

The third level is free. It should be left blank. It is needed to accentuate the height, volume of space. It can even be separated by a cornice. It is this part of the wall that brings us to the high ceiling, so it can be visually connected with it using the same finish, the same cornices, beams and other elements.

Laconicism and massiveness in the high ceiling wall design

Thanks to the high ceilings, we have a large wall area, and you can place almost anything on them. But do not rush to use a lot of decor, jewelry, shelves, shelves. Even the classics, and not that modern styles, do not like excesses. It is better to use less decor and decorations, but focus on their massiveness.

A large, expressive cornice, a rough, solid stone finish or a large painting will look much more impressive than an abundance of small elements for interior decoration. It’s perfectly okay to leave most of the wall blank with the right accents. This will create a sense of grandeur, spaciousness. And oversaturation will provide the opposite effect – the space will seem overloaded, not so light and free.

Accent in the design of walls with high ceilings

Walls can be highlighted with color, texture. This will not only make the ceiling more expressive, which is especially important in the design of the structure, but also emphasize the height of the room. The accent can be done on one wall or on several at once.

The modern design of the walls with high ceilings allows you to maximize the potential of the space, emphasize lightness, and emphasize the spaciousness of the room. The home is filled with air. In this case, the walls lead us to the expressive structure of the ceiling – at a high height there is an opportunity to make beams, install a massive chandelier or apply other solutions.