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Trending External House Cladding Ideas 2021

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The most fashionable external house cladding ideas in 2021 are based on three principles – openness, manufacturability, integration with the environment. Outwardly, the house should look simple, concise, but have a complex and functional structure using materials that are mainly found in its environment.

Trending External House Cladding Ideas

The building should not merge with the landscape and at the same time cannot violate the harmony around it. Let’s look at examples of how architects achieve this.

External house cladding ideas with landscape intervention

It seems that the landscaping continues on the building itself. There is no clear boundary where the house ends and the environment begins.

The house is faced with natural materials – natural wood, concrete under the stone. And the elements of the environment continue right there. A bold idea implies live plantings directly on the structures of the house.

Another way is to move the house to the plot. A tree-clad cottage emerges from a slope or hill. At the same time, the facade remains open for close interaction with the environment directly from the living space.

Technological ideas for exterior cladding of the house

The futuristic look of the building is backed up by technology. The idea of the external cladding of the facade lies in its functionality – opening facades, automated shutter systems, which visually form an integral enclosing structure in the closed position, sliding panoramic windows to the entire wall.

The smart home system has made it to the exterior. With the help of special programs, you can change the configuration of the building, open and close windows, turn on the light from your smartphone.

The building, like a living organism, adjusts itself to the weather, time of day, creating comfortable conditions for the owners.

Creativity of external house cladding ideas

Facade cladding is part of the building’s individualization. Modern design has given up on non-functional, useless décor. Each element must perform a specific task.

For this reason, cladding has become the main design tool. Trend ideas are to make the facade look expressive, contrasting, but not out of the general atmosphere around it. Therefore, architects use stone, wood in contrasting colors.

Thus, the most trendy exterior cladding ideas for a house involve using simple materials and combining them with new generation technologies. It’s like you control the nature of your own home from your smartphone. And he gives you comfort and coziness under any conditions.