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8+ Trendy Concrete Ceiling Design Ideas

In modern interior styles, the use of raw, exposed reinforced concrete surfaces is encouraged. In this regard, cool and unusual ideas for the design of a concrete ceiling have gained popularity.

The gray, rough surface is beaten, making it a highlight of the decor. Consider a few simple but unusual solutions in the design of a concrete ceiling.

Concrete ceiling design idea with recessed lights

The concrete surface looks quite gray and rough. To add dynamism to it, visually lighten and create a complete look, you can install lamps built into the ceiling.

For them, special beggars or cells are provided. With such a design, spots in a laconic high-tech style will harmoniously blend. The surface equipped with built-in lights does not look so gloomy and boring.

Alternatively, you can use a whole system of guides in which the lighting equipment is installed.

Trendy Concrete Ceiling Design with Light Stripes

The concrete surface looks quite technologically advanced and modern, so it makes sense to supplement it with the most recent solutions in the context of lighting. The neat light strips are flush-mounted into the ceiling and remain almost invisible.

The solution is suitable for spaces in trendy hi-tech and minimalist directions, when laconicism plays a key role. Moreover, such an idea for decorating a concrete ceiling is quite practical, since the stripes can be made of any shape and configuration. There is an opportunity to replace the traditional chandelier and to work out the zoned lighting with high quality.

Fashionable idea of a perforated concrete ceiling

Monolithic construction technology makes it possible to implement extraordinary solutions, while the structure remains sufficiently strong and durable. This made it possible to create ceilings with holes or openings. They are glazed from above. The design provides high-quality daylighting due to the natural insolation of the space not only from the sides, but also from above.

The design decision also affects the showiness and lightness of the space. If the idea of a solid concrete ceiling looks rather cumbersome and gloomy, then due to perforation, the structure gains lightness, accuracy and openness. Under such a ceiling, you can make a pool, a place for relaxation or an inner garden. It gives the impression of being in the open air.