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House Exterior Trim Molding Ideas

The proportions in modern architecture play a primary role. The appearance of the house should give a sense of inner and outer harmony. The front of the house is the first thing we pay attention to. It is he who speaks about the tastes of the owner of the house.

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Complex forms of facade decoration can dilute a boring exterior and emphasize the character of the building. Elements stucco add the effect of expressiveness, elegance. Such products will advantageously emphasize the wall, giving it aesthetic.

The golden section at construction of the house allows planners to not admit an error in manufacturing of complex decorative elements. This parameter determines the harmonious proportion, which is divided into equal parts. As you can see, straight lines make it possible to achieve the greatest accuracy, therefore, it is customary for them to navigate when planning a house.

Exterior house trim ideas

Architecture emerged in those days when man began to study mathematics as a science. Modular proportions are taken into account in the gold section, which allows you to obtain the desired aspect ratio of the facade. The installation of stucco molding and complex decorative forms requires compliance with the fundamental rules of house design. In combination, the roof, entrance doors, windows and decorative elements should visually complement each other, without creating an imbalance.

The triangulation system is another factor that makes it possible to create the ideal geometry of an object. This method is based on the central point, which is the center of coordinates. A triangle is built around it, which allows creating extremely complicated, masterly facade elements.

Cornice. This architectural element creates a soft and smooth transition of the wall. With it, a proportional plane is maintained, which looks very aesthetically pleasing.

Exterior house trim molding

Molding. Give the wall virtuosity, charm, complement the columns, pilasters. With the help of moldings it is possible to achieve grace, smoothness to other architectural elements. Facade window sill. Ideal proportions of a house made of bricks and stones are difficult to imagine without decorative window sills. They have a stepped structure with smooth edges, which makes the windows more neat.

Pilasters. This decorative element acts as a vertical protrusion on the wall, which repeats the proportions of the columns. Pilasters give the facade a touch of antiquity and antiquity.

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Column. Many classical styles, including modern, can not be imagined without columns. They can have both an openwork foundation, and a practical low-key design. With the help of columns, the proportions of the private house acquire a complete appearance.

Bossage. The protruding corner decor complements the general concept of the facade.