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Unique Buildings and Structures in the World

In the world there are many atypical buildings, the look of which is amazing. A simple person cannot understand how an architect can bring such an idea to life. Indeed, some of them are difficult to imagine in reality. It’s not without reason that unique structures are the highest point of skill and professionalism. Inspired by the life of the city, nature, the surrounding world, people passing by, people prove that any building can be made unique. Now we will consider the top four of the most unusual structures in which there is a story.


This project has several features that became the starting point for the implementation of the order – a limited budget and a demonstration of the passionate energy from the American film “The Merger of Two Moons”. From this moment on, the story of creation from architects Moon Hoon began. The skillfully arranged emptiness of the building managed to create the ideal space for opening the gallery and the coffee shop of the two brothers. These are two parts of a single whole, which is symbolic for family ties of owners.

weird shaped buildings

The area where the buildings are located is rather boring and mundane. The flow of buildings, nondescript facades, a gray mass of people. The Two Moons Cultural Center has become a breath of fresh air and a true color for Korea. The unconventional execution of the exterior of the building was a real discovery for residents who saw how amazing any house can be.

odd shaped buildings

Looking at the object, thoughts arise how much its construction costs. In fact, the design of unique structures is always limited in budget. That is why architects try to hide flaws behind the excellence of the exterior. The construction was carried out from ordinary concrete boxes. The territory has a diamond shape, which has two rectangular centers with a connecting passage.

unique shaped buildings

Layout allows you to calmly allocate a place for parking, which serves as a communication line connecting the two halves. The idea of a two-moon style is implemented in the external part. The facade looks like two crescents were carved on it. Depending on where the passer-by will stand, two completely different spectra of visual perception will be revealed to him. On the one hand, he will see two separate crescents, and on the other, their merging into a single lunar disk.

unique office buildings

“The doctor can bury his mistakes, and the architect can only advise planting ivy” – Frank Lloyd Wright.

Design in the form of celestial bodies is complemented by a constellation on the facade, arched windows, spherical terraces. Perforation of round window openings is very effect and allows you to fill the interior with natural light. The balance of light shades perfectly on the gray walls, which dilute the dull facade with bright colors.

famous unique buildings

The direct design of the exhibition halls and public spaces for the coffee shop has a cool and damp finish. There is a lot of concrete, wood in an unprocessed texture. The minimalist style is also chosen based on the lack of funds for decoration. But, despite this, the effect is fascinating. The lack of expensive cladding, decoration emphasizes the cosmic nature of the building. Inner filling, as if it is a continuation of the external.

Looking at the project “Two Moon”, it seems that you are sending into the world of the unknown, sublime. The discreet gray facade has become so extraordinary due to just a few features. And the internal content only adds luxury, despite the rather modest design.

Creative people perfectly understand this idea of style. Spherical containers, large windows and the natural surface of the materials are selected for their intended purpose. Functionally, the space fits the idea of its use. There is no need to use decorations, their role is played by the atypical texture of the walls and non-standard coatings.


In most cases, the construction of unique buildings and structures is associated with the creation of historical, cultural centers of the country. This is how one can characterize a museum in the city of Liyang China. The unsurpassed building of the Liyang City Museum has become part of a lake landscaping project with a park inspired by the ancient history of the empire.

most unique buildings in the world

Shape and texture of the exterior exterior marks the beautiful nature and terrain of the square. Distinctive building criteria were advanced architecture processes, in which non-standard lines, multilayered textures, and natural finishes were combined. The creation of the museum is associated with legends and stories during the reign of the famous, majestic Han Dynasty.

most unique buildings

According to the story, the great musician and philosopher Cai Yong heard an unusual sound made by burning firewood. Feeling this melody, he pulled firewood from the blazing hearth and turned qin – a musical instrument. This cultural memorial became a study for architects who were able to convey the entire subtlety of history in their creation. The true creators of Crox embodied several important elements in the museum – the connection between man, music, nature and architecture.

uniquely designed buildings

Qin is embodied in the structure of a natural finish. Wood completely envelops the facade with parallel lines of different shades, as if glowing in a fire. The transition of lines from light brown to dark black rises on a hill. The asymmetric form of the structure spreads over the hill, thereby resembling the musical transitions of notes. To support the building, an artificial hill was created in which the main entrance is located.

unique architecture buildings

Project consists of two halves, interconnected by stairs and a courtyard. Going into the middle of the museum, a person can feel like in a canyon or gorge. The whole space is trimmed with wood, both outside and inside. Each part of the building is a complement to each other. The interior has a built-in backlight, and in the daytime it is illuminated by the sun’s rays, which fall through the oval open holes.

Facing the interior and exterior have a surreal effect, from which the space becomes even more mysterious. An artificial hill surrounds not only the museum, but also its space. Inside, visitors can walk through wooden stairs and smell the grass, nature. It was this design that contributed to the complete harmony of the idea of a person’s connection with the outside world. The construction of unique structures is created with an internal balance, especially with regard to historical objects.

unique engineering structures

Melodious lines of wood subtly sound with green spaces around the structure. Landscaping is restrained and filled with Chinese wisdom. The world-famous Liyan Museum has become not only a masterpiece of architecture, but also a place where a person can reconnect with spiritual harmony, become closer to nature. The connection with nature is saturated in every centimeter of the structure of 19,000 sq.m.

unique building structures

“I believe that architecture is a pragmatic art. And in order to become art, it must be built on the foundation of necessity ”- Yu Ming Pei.


Austria is the cultural center of Europe where you can enjoy magnificent Baroque houses, the amazing taste of strudel and hear the gentle music of Schubert. The stylistics of cities saturated with the spirit of the Renaissance is also noteworthy. Not all unique structures in the world are located in huge cities. In the city of Kufstein, there is a high school on Schillerstrasse, which gave connoisseurs of architectural art a real pleasure.

unique buildings around the world

The building itself has a long history and its own traditions. It was designed by Willy Graf, and the school began work in 1907. Then there were changes, reconstruction, which all the same came to the initial integration of the existing structure. In 2009, to conduct another expansion, a competition was announced in which Johannes Wisflecker became the winner. It was he who managed to break the centenary tradition and create a completely different structure of the external facade and internal space.

After the reconstruction, another structure was built that looks like a conical structure. Primary school students study here. Under the new building there is an entrance area with spacious corridors, panoramic glazing. The spatial sequence of the object is visible in the department of the courtyard, premises for training and a sports ground.

unique high rise buildings

Of course, that any unique and complex structures have their own uniqueness. Kufstein High School is no exception. It attracts a design that is not seasoned in the urban style, a white and black contrast, and the southeastern part of the facade. The wall extends beyond the glass base by 2.5 meters. The bulk of the structure is made in an amazing artistic style.

unique a frame homes

Looking at it, you see a crumpled sheet of paper in front of you, which is symbolically chosen for the educational institution. The Crystal Wall was designed in collaboration with the artist Karl-Heinz Klopf, who managed to complement the familiar object with a creative touch.

constructions of unique buildings and structures

Visually, the coating looks like wrinkles. The architectural idea was realized with the help of a concrete three-dimensional structure that hangs over the facade from the first floor to the roof itself. Structurally, such an idea is non-trivial, extraordinary in its own way. But with its help, the building in a stream of gray mass of houses found its shape. Panoramic windows, glass fencing along with the snow-white walls of the facade indicate the high status of the structure.

Without the side, the school would have looked normal, and after the reconstruction became an example of admiration. The concrete coating in the embossed texture looks grandiose, and in the sun, each bulge is highlighted by shadow. Designers chose the urban style for decoration, which creates a balance between the classical perception of the school building and modern architecture.


We will complete the examination of unusual buildings by a training center located in the province of Mazandaran in the northern part of Iran. The Dashte Noor’s Gym Building project is part of a residential complex with 405 sq.m. for the construction of an excellent facility. To create a unique building, customers were required to separate the two halls for sports with other rooms. The architect Nargis Nassiri-Toosi managed not only to fulfill the requirements, but also to create a completely different building.

unique architecture buildings

Conceptually unique architectural structures embody extraordinary solutions and complex forms. In this case, we see a dynamic mass that fits perfectly into the area. When creating the project, it was important not to upset the harmony of the surrounding landscape, preserving its naturalness.

“The straight line belongs to man, the curve to God” – Antonio Gaudi.

unique commercial buildings

Second floor symbolizes the liberation and willpower of a person who is driven by motivation to excellence. This is the connection between heaven and earth, resembling a peak of a hill. The advanced sublime form is associated with a strong spirit, energy that reigns in the training rhythm of life.

unusual shaped houses

Entrance area faces the sunny side. This orientation is not only responsible for natural light, but also carries the main idea – appeal to the skyline. To finish the facade, natural wood, close to the natural environment, was chosen. No wonder the architect did not choose concrete or brickwork, which would spoil the naturalness of the building.

unique architecture around the world

Finishing starts from the bottom of the back of the building and ends with full sheathing of the extended part of the exterior. The tree of a dark palette in a vertical arrangement also elevates the object, giving it a specific texture. The structure was made in the form of two walls, representing a large flyover. They move upward along the curve, where they continue with a 9-meter cantilever.

unique structures in the world

The role of the console is performed by the entrance arches, creating a contrast between the light and dark shades of the facade. The roof consists of three levels, each of which shares separate functional zones. The roof is also made in the same material with the external walls.

First floor of the building has a lobby, utility rooms, a bar. The front part is made in the form of an arched structure with glazed doors. The calm, classic lines of the building are ideal for a quiet area. On the second floor there is a bodybuilding room, training room, showers and changing rooms. This layout is as convenient and comfortable as possible, allowing not only to conduct sports training, but also to have a great rest, spend time in a circle of like-minded people.

Unremarkable wooden columns are a single part of the entire project, the finishing touch of connecting the building with the terrain. For landscaping, flower beds, several undersized shrubs and ornamental trees are equipped. The lack of luxurious gardens allows you to focus on the building.

So that visitors can relax as much as possible and enjoy the relaxation, the interior is designed in calm colors. Pastel colors, wooden flooring, dark furniture and built-in lamps perfectly harmonize with the general background.


All unique buildings and structures look awkward and have atypical shapes. For this, they attract attention, becoming a real attraction of the area. The classical perception of architecture is based on the use of clear lines, familiar forms. Modern people get tired of the gray background of city streets, they need dynamics, which is embodied in such projects. Each of the presented projects is unusual, attractive, significant for its city.

Externally, buildings resemble bizarre shapes, and in a single picture create an excellent visual effect. Hundreds of specialists have been working on all objects for more than one year, who bring new ideas to create a truly architectural masterpiece.