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How to Make a Unique Ceiling Design in a Monolithic Concrete House?

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Concrete has become one of the most popular materials in modern home and commercial construction. It can be used to implement any shape and configuration of buildings, it corresponds to the current trends in appearance – stylish gray color imitating natural stone, matte, rough texture and monotony. Such surfaces are especially effective in combination with natural wood, glass and metal. Architectural firm Isay Weinfeld has focused on the harmony of these materials, presenting a unique ceiling design in a monolithic concrete house.

unique ceiling design in a monolithic concrete house

stylish cellular ceiling on the terrace

The fashionable cellular ceiling on the summer terrace is particularly impressive. The monolithic structure is finished with wooden slats and is effectively combined with reinforced concrete surfaces.

Thanks to the honeycomb structure, the ceiling provides optimal illumination for the summer terrace. It is not very hot here during the daytime, but there is plenty of sunshine and freshness throughout the day. The floor is finished with the same wood to match the ceiling. Together, it all forms a complete and stylish outdoor recreation area.

unique design of a wooden ceiling in a monolithic concrete house

The interior space of the house is especially spacious and long. Designers and architects have added dynamism to the rooms with a unique ceiling design. The surface is made of long strips of wooden parquet in different colors. Elements of different tones are used, and they are located along the length of the space.

For illumination, longitudinal lamps of the same shape are used here, visually lengthening the space even more. To make the design more dynamic it turned out thanks to the use of bright lamps against a dark background and the addition of chrome structures to the space.

traditional materials with a modern twist

Using traditional materials, the interior turned out to be quite unusual and creative. Designers have moved away from templates, and solutions, usual for the lower planes, they moved up, and the upper ones – down. The effect of an inverted space is created – wooden parquet has become the basis for a unique ceiling design in a monolithic concrete house, and the concrete surface is transferred to the floor.

Even more impressiveness is added by the fact that the walls are partially finished with parquet. Moreover, the panels are trimmed with dies not from the floor, but from the ceiling. This continues the concept of an upside-down space with an exclusive design.

Isay Weinfeld’s unique cast-in-place ceiling design combines traditional materials with ultra-modern shapes. The designers managed to beat wood in a fashionable interior in the direction of fusion and add dynamism to the open free space.

ArchitectsIsay Weinfeld
PhotoFernando Guerra | FG+SG