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Unique Courtyard Patio Ideas Under Translucent Roof

A spacious holiday home is a system of volumes, spaces inside and out, forming a single living environment. It is not always clear whether you are on the street or inside a building. Interesting design and architectural solutions sometimes blur the boundary between the yard, the local area and the premises. The dynamic courtyard patio idea includes spacious social areas that are directly connected to the patio and private spaces. The latter are also connected with the landscape, but more privately.

Even the bathroom in the house provides access to the street and panoramic windows. An outdoor shower is also installed here. And the bedrooms have terraces with barbecue areas. All this is located behind the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, opening which it is possible to combine the living space with the plot.

Translucent Roof Courtyard Patio Ideas

The first thing you notice about this patio idea is the translucent roof structure above the patio. It is not made solid and has a hole, due to which sunlight and fresh air freely enter here.

Due to the translucency of the structure, natural light is dosed through it. The courtyard does not remain in the shade, but at the same time the sunlight becomes pleasant even on the hottest day.

Partially translucent roof extends into the interior spaces. This visually connects the premises with landscape design. The same roof is built on the terrace, in the aisles between the sections of the house.

Dynamism of Spaces as a Courtyard Patio Idea

The spacious living room resembles an open volume located between private rooms. Due to the fact that the bedrooms are located on the sides of the central public space, they are distinguished by increased privacy in relation to each other.

Near each of the bedrooms there is a small patio separated from public areas by a wall. Residents can relax in the fresh air both together and in a quiet, private environment on the terrace of their bedroom.

At the same time, from the courtyards in front of the lounges there is no less impressive view of the landscape than from the central part of the courtyard. And so that residents can maintain privacy, a hedge is equipped around the perimeter. Rich greenery with bushes, trees allows you to integrate the object into an exotic environment.

Another important centerpiece of the courtyard patio idea was the pool. It is located near the central recreation area on the street. Residents have at their disposal spacious terraces, places for games, picnics, entertainment, sports, which are directly connected to the living space, living room and dining area. A multifunctional, dynamic facility does not look like an ordinary house, villa, traditional cottage. It is a system of closely connected, intertwined spaces and premises.

ArchitectsKovac Design Studio
ImagesRoger Davies