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Unique Red & White Brick House

Architects with a creative approach are able to realize exclusivity even from the most traditional and familiar building materials. An example was the unique design of a red and white brick house from Formative Architects. Unusual triangular buildings form an original residential complex for three families at once. In fact, this is a suburban real estate for rent. By its unusualness, the cottage is not inferior to even the most trendy objects made of reinforced concrete – this is on condition that anything in shape and configuration can be built from a monolith.

What makes this unique red and white brick house stand out.

Combination of red and white bricks

One of the main techniques that made it possible to focus on the singularity of the forms was the execution of bodies from bricks of different colors. The triangular designs on the side overlap each other, and if they were made in a single tone, they would simply merge without looking so impressive.

The red body against the white background looks contrasting and dynamic. The lines of the extraordinary triangular facade can be traced. At the same time, the white body between the two red ones also looks more contrasting and expressive.

The most daring decisions in the context of design and functionality

The uniquely designed red and white brick roof starts right off the ground and rises three stories high. Its peculiarity is that, instead of roofing, there are stairs leading to the observation deck.

This technique added dynamism, functionality and creativity to the object. The small area adjacent to the building was expanded due to the exploited roof.

On the main facade walls, panoramic glazing is made to the floor. This technique opens a vista perspective from the inside of the mansion to the surrounding area.

The concept of a triangle in architecture and design

In the shape of the house, the emphasis is on triangular facades. The concept continues in the interior. A sloped ceiling, starting on one side of the house from the floor, dynamically and rapidly goes to the height of the second light in the opposite part of the space. From a cozy, compact corner, the dwelling grows into an open fashionable space with a high ceiling, panoramic windows and a two-level living area.

The project of the architectural bureau Formative Architects showed how extraordinary can be a unique design of a house made of red and white bricks in the context of design, forms, dynamics. But at the same time it demonstrates the comfort and practicality of a creative space for family living. Therefore, if you want to build a family house of bricks, you should not dwell on ordinary and familiar rectangular shapes. The project can be as extraordinary as the imagination of the owner, designers and architects is enough.

ArchitectsFormative Architects
PhotoYoungsung Koh