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Unique Integration Of The House Into The Landscape / De Lemos

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When building a cottage surrounded by nature, it is important to have a minimal impact on the landscape. This allows you to preserve the aesthetics of the landscape, to achieve specific characteristics and not to disturb the harmony. The unique integration of the house into the landscape by Carvalho Araújo shows how minimal this influence can be – a spacious cottage practically merges with the natural environment.


The unique integration of the home into the landscape means that the architecture matches the topography. The building is located at the top of a rocky hill, and instead of adjusting the construction site to the shape of the object, they acted in the reverse order – they designed the building to fit the curves of the hill.

Thus, the long cottage repeated the curved natural shape, harmoniously blending into the area. It successfully merges with the natural landscape due to the fact that it repeats the lines characteristic of this area. The shape of the building is as if drawn by nature.


Rather than contrasting the house with vivid colors and making it stand out from nature, the architects disguised the building as an environment. In construction, materials typical of the area were used in the same color palette.

The interior of the house along the building remains open due to panoramic glazing. Therefore, it was important to achieve the masking effect not only of external structures, but also inside. Furniture, decoration match the palette of nature outside the window and merge with it.


The exploited roof became a special element of integrating the house into the landscape. It is built as if it were a walking pedestrian zone, and from above it seems that you are walking in nature, and not on the roof of a house.

The roof walkway is paved with stone tiles. In color and texture, it matches the hills that surrounded the house. The pedestrian zone is located so that it is practically on the same level with the top of the hill – this further enhances the effect of being not on the roof of a house, but in an open area.

The unique integration of the house into the landscape implies not only the harmony of architecture and surroundings, but the camouflage of the cottage among the mountains. From certain points, he remains invisible, although you are looking directly at him.

ArchitectsCarvalho Araújo
PhotoHugo Carvalho Araújo