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3 Unique Wooden House Design Ideas

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The unique design ideas of a wooden house sometimes go beyond understanding, and the building literally loses any features of a traditional residential building.

unique idea for the roof of a wooden house

These include a cottage from Sweet Sparkman Architects.

Unique design idea for a rounded wooden house

The shape of the house resembles an overturned wooden barrel, cut from one side to create a straight glass facade.

The wooden structure, like a blanket, envelops the interior space, ensuring its protection from the forest side and opening up to panoramic views of the valley and lake.

The structure forms the back wall of the building, smoothly passes into the roof, and then into the canopy above the terrace. There is no clear boundary where the wall ends and the roof begins – it is a single smooth shape, which is the main feature of a country house made of wood.

Wooden house design idea to connect with nature

It seems that the house grows out of the earth, and was created by nature itself. If you look closely, you will see that its shape follows the lines characteristic of this area – oak trunks, curved branches of deciduous trees.

And most importantly, the cottage is completely built of natural wood. It has a minimal effect on the natural environment and merges with it.

The idea of rounded beams in the design of a wooden house

The ceiling is rounded and merges into the wall. Round wooden beams are arranged along the entire depth of the structure at intervals of a couple of meters.

They further blur the line between the ceiling and the wall, emphasizing the unity of this form.

In general, the ideas for the design of a wooden house presented here are so unique and unpredictable that the building has lost the signs of traditional housing with a roof and walls. It resembles a secluded and safe refuge, an ecological oasis for human habitation, surrounded by wildlife.

ArchitectsSweet Sparkman Architects
ImagesGeorge Cott