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Unusual Modern Ceiling Design Ideas

Fashionable modern ceiling design ideas transform the home into a cool, atmospheric space that closely interacts with the surrounding world. Creative solutions are aimed at creating a unique, functional environment with good natural and artificial insolation.

Designers offer sophisticated structures with unique configurations that add character and exclusivity to the space. These are solutions for those who consider the ceiling as an object for the implementation of architectural ideas, and not just a surface for painting or installing a stretch canvas.

Modern glazed ceiling design ideas

The closer the space interacts with the nature around, the more it is in trend. What if your living room is open-air? During the day you can enjoy the blue sky, a bright space filled with sunlight, and at night you will look at the Milky Way right from your couch.

This modern ceiling design idea is especially relevant for homeowners surrounded by less scenic landscapes, or if there are not enough windows in the house. The living room can be generally made closed, but at the same time it will remain light, spacious and filled with clean air.

A large window can be made in the ceiling by positioning it as the central element of the space. Due to this, the room visually increases in size, becomes interesting and unusual.

Modern design idea for a single ceiling in the living room and on the terrace

The architects propose not to limit the ceiling to walls and panoramic building envelopes, but to continue it from the outside. The reception allows you to closely integrate the interior space with the landscape and adjacent recreation areas.

A single ceiling has been constructed above the terrace and living room with the same lamps and the same finishing material. In this case, the wooden surface looks impressive, as it further connects housing with the nature around.

Atmospheric modern beamed ceiling design idea

By themselves, open floor beams are no longer such an original idea. But the improvement of the idea and the addition of additional structures allows presenting such a solution in a new light.

The modern design idea for beamed ceilings is that they are designed in the form of a gable roof and dynamically transition to the walls, emphasizing the style of the barn house. This solution reinforces the traditional atmosphere of the barnhouse.