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Why Do You Need a Vertical House Layout?

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With the small size of the plot allocated for construction, it will be possible to build spacious, self-sufficient housing only by rationally planning the space. One of the tools for accomplishing this task is the vertical layout of the house.

house facade with a vertical layout

To prove this, consider the project of the architectural bureau Jasper Smits Architecture.

Rationality of Vertical House Layout

The company presented a spacious mansion with an area of 236 sq.m. At the same time, a plot of 8.4 meters long and 5.4 meters wide was used for the house itself. With a shortage of building space, it turned out to build a full-fledged residential building on an area hardly suitable for placing a small summer cottage.

At the same time, the house has both social and private spaces. They are spacious, well separated from each other. Instead of cramped rooms, here on each floor there is provided not just a functional area, but a full-fledged comfortable room with panoramic glazing.

Locality of Residential Zones in Vertical Layout of the House

Due to vertical zoning and delimitation of living rooms not by walls, but by ceilings (since they are located on different floors), a high level of privacy was achieved. As you move up and down the house, spaces become more private.

Bedrooms, study are on separate levels in relation to the kitchen, dining room, living room. This is a particularly convenient solution for people who value personal space, peace and comfort in a private environment.

The dynamism of space in the vertical layout of the house

Rooms and functional areas on different floors are independent of each other. Each of them can be decorated in its own style, combining a common concept. Dynamics is also traced due to the changeability of the view from the windows – the higher, the wider the panorama opens before you.

Thus, the vertical layout of the house is a practical and rational solution for building a spacious family home on a small plot of land. At the same time, it will have advantages that are not typical for a classic house.

ArchitectsJasper Smits Architecture
PhotoJeroen Musch