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Best Water Garden House Design Ideas

This luxurious villa in an urban environment is like an artificial cave in a concrete structure, which is deeply embedded in a shell of wildlife elements. Right in the city we see the water garden house design, imitating an exotic cottage on the shore of a reservoir.

Unique Water Garden House Design with Panoramic Windows

Just beyond the threshold of the house from the backyard begins the pool. At the same time, artificial islands with real live trees have been created on them. The house itself is designed as if in a shell. It is surrounded by a green lawn, which passes from the lower part of the site to the exploited roof. Lianas weave along the walls, as if on rocks. Dense exotic vegetation is planted around the perimeter of the house. This is an oasis in the middle of the city, qualitatively imitating living in the wild jungle.

Extraordinary Architecture Of The Water Garden House Design

The U-shaped structure is located on a circular area, most of which is reserved for the pool. The main backyard is surrounded by the walls of the house on three sides, so it remains qualitatively hidden from access from the outside. It is from here that the main exits from the house to the pool are made. Therefore, owners can relax by the pond in the most confidential environment. And you don’t even have to go outside.

The water garden house design provides for a large amount of greenery at different levels of the building, including on the roof. This approach to landscaping made it possible to compensate for the absence of a traditional lawn, lawns, for which there was no space left.

Being in the yard or in the house itself, there is a feeling of being in an exotic natural setting. Landscaping closely penetrates architecture and absorbs it. The situation may even seem post-apocalyptic when wildlife has already begun to absorb buildings and structures built by man.

At the same time, there is an element of romance and fabulousness. It looks like a fake, fictional world where there are no limits to fantasy.

Oasis effect

If you look at the mansion from above, it seems that this is a green oasis in the middle of urban development. A picturesque alley with tall cypresses, forming a corridor, leads to the house. Every free meter of the site is used for green spaces. This applies to both horizontal and vertical structures.

There is an effect of immersion of the building in the garden. At the same time, at the very bottom, we see a pool that imitates a stream in the middle of this artificial jungle.

The spectacular water garden house design finds solitude in the midst of an urban setting. At the same time, it was not covered with a fence or other structures. For privacy, rich, lush landscaping around the perimeter was used. The situation and atmosphere on the site and in the house itself is not at all like what we are used to seeing in the city. Rather, you will feel yourself in the wild here, hiding from prying eyes from outside.

ArchitectsWallflower Architecture + Design
ImagesRayden Ong Marc Tey

Beautiful Water Garden House Design

In the presented project, landscaping and landscaping play a special role in terms of design. The beautiful water garden house design is unique due to the large pool, stylized as a real pond. Artificial islands are equipped in the reservoir, on which moisture-loving shrubs, trees, and grasses are planted.

This is a living paradise in which light, open, modern cottage lurks. Due to the panoramic glazing, the living space is in close contact with the picturesque adjacent territory. Every room in the house offers views of greenery and water.

Immersing water garden house design in nature

The creators of the project decided to connect the architecture of the building with the landscape as much as possible. For this purpose, a continuation of the garden is provided on the exploited roofs of the building. The roofs are reserved for living plantings, including grass, shrubs, flowers, and even small trees.

It seems that the design of a house with a garden on the water is absorbed by the natural environment. The building is built into the landscape and attached to the general concept of wildlife. To integrate with the landscape, the surfaces in the house are lined with natural wood. In addition to environmental friendliness, this plays an important role in terms of aesthetics. The natural woody shade harmoniously looks next to the lush and bright greenery, the blueness of the water, and the sky.

At the same time, against the backdrop of bright and light nature, the house is highlighted in a contrasting dark color. This allows the architecture not to get lost in the landscape. Emphasis is placed on the designs, they remain visible and expressive.

The impressive atmosphere in the water garden house design

Entering the courtyard, you find yourself as if in a fairy tale. Neat paths and passages made of stones, living islands in the middle of a crystal clear pool, spacious terraces with views of the rich, saturated greenery and the pond. This setting makes you feel the beauty of nature.

Water has become one of the main tools in landscape design. In this case, we get not just a pool, but an imitation of a pond somewhere in the forest or jungle. Due to a large amount of water and greenery near the house, a pleasant microclimate is preserved here. On hot days, the air cools and does not dry out. Relaxing on the terrace, you can feel a slight coolness and freshness.

With open windows and a light wind, this design of the territory is also reflected in the passive cooling of living spaces. The air in the rooms remains clean and invigorating.

Even the very sight of the courtyard contributes to peace and tranquility. Being in this environment, it is possible to disconnect from the noisy and fast rhythm of life. Peace and harmony reign here. In addition to the swimming pool, there is also a carp pond on the territory. Such elements of landscape design allow you to feel the closeness of nature especially brightly, spectacularly, and atmospherically.

In general, the water garden house design is a constant close interweaving of nature and architecture. Landscaping becomes part of the design of the building itself, penetrating into structures, onto the roof.

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