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White Brick Wall Interior / 3 Reasons to Use in a Modern Apartment

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White brick in the interior of an apartment is a fashionable and creative solution for delimiting space. It helps to highlight accents and create a soft urban ambience in the design of the room. Depending on the style of furnishings, the brick wall can be used locally or elsewhere. In modern minimalist interiors, white brick is usually used only in certain areas.

white bricks interior

The architectural bureau Vão used white brick in the interior of the living room of a city apartment on only one wall, and then only partially. But even this influenced the design of the living space quite strongly.

Focus on the recreation area / white bricks interior

The living room is conditionally divided into two zones. The main one is equipped with a sofa in front of the TV. The secondary one is arranged a little to the side near the coffee table and the balcony. It is small, and in order not to overshadow the main one, it was highlighted with a white brick wall, thereby making it more noticeable.

The original technique made it possible to visually highlight this part of the space. But due to the execution in the same color as the rest of the interior, the resting place is harmoniously combined with the rest of the apartment’s zones, without looking away from them.

An industrial element in a cozy home environment / white brick wall interior design ideas

With the popularization of the loft style, it has become fashionable to use industrial buildings in housing. This adds creativity and originality to the interior design. To a greater extent, all these open beams, supports, communications perform an aesthetic function.

A white brick wall in the interior is considered an alternative, easy way to add a trendy industrial touch to the decor. The solution was supplemented with decorative open beams. Unlike traditional brickwork, a white wall looks comfortable, devoid of gloom, and does not affect the home cosiness of the space.

Visual highlight of a part of the living space / white painted brick interior

Zoning with finishing has become one of the main methods of delineating the space of an apartment. Designers play with colors and textures, visually delimiting the room into several functional areas. Through the use of a brick wall, it was possible to clearly separate one zone from the rest. Therefore, in this context, this technique also played a functional role.

White brick in the interior of the apartment is suitable for those who wish to add originality and extravagance to their home, but not at the expense of home coziness and comfort. It will become a tool for playing with space for the purpose of zoning. Reception is relevant for people who value peace of mind.

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