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White Colour House Design / Benefits

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White color in house design has become the basic color for modern high-tech, minimalism styles. It is also widely used in classical architecture.

This neutral, achromatic tone is pleasing to the eye. It visually expands the boundaries, adds soft, home comfort to the dwelling, even with the severity and conciseness of forms and lines.

The project of such an ultra-fashionable house in white was presented by the architectural bureau Lousinha Arquitectos. Let’s consider on it the main advantages of using a snow-white shade.

The versatility of white in house design

White tone can be used all over the place. In the presented project, it is taken as a basis for the design of the facade and is confidently integrated inside.

Most of the surfaces are made in a monotonous snow-white shade.

It goes equally well with trendy pastels, bright and dark contrasting tones. At the same time, each element of the interior looks even more distinct and expressive on it.

Lightness due to white color in house design

The white tone practically does not absorb light, and all the sun’s rays penetrating inside through the panoramic glazing literally bounce off the walls, floor, and ceiling. The natural insolation of the space remains at the highest level even with a small glazing area.

Visual boundaries in space seem to disappear. And even a cramped room seems large enough, free, filled with air.

white color design of children's room at home

Externally, the building is combined with the natural landscape, it stands out brightly against its background, but at the same time there is a harmony with natural shades.

White color in house design as a symbol of purity and freshness

The house maintains a relaxed, easy and free stop. To prevent the interior from being boring, sterile and empty, a few contrasts in natural colors – brown, gray, wenge, beige – were added to it.

This added home coziness and warmth. The same trend was followed in the exterior.

In a psychological context, white in house design helps clear thoughts, concentrate on what is most important, and at the same time relax, throwing away “noise” from the head. It does not put pressure on the psyche and soothes.

ArchitectsLousinha Arquitectos
ImagesIvo Tavares Studio