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Wood Roof Design – Benefits and creative ideas for creating

House with a wooden roof – this is the beauty and practicality in one. The surface of this design looks attractive due to the warm wood color, which contains several shades of brown. The wooden roof can take almost any shape, today hundreds of creative ideas related to this part of the building are already embodied.

What is an ideal roof? Massive and reliable? Elegant, made from small pieces of wood? With the attractive shades that the sun forms? The option in the photo fully fits the description. The building with this roof can be an ideal country house for a pleasant pastime in the autumn days. The sharp slope of the sides of this structure allows you to examine in detail the entire surface, to see how woody monotony looks harmoniously.

A wooden roof as a guarantee of comfort in the house

The roof of the wooden house should correspond to the building in beauty, and therefore it should also be made of natural material. Today, simplicity is in fashion, so making your home cover a classic, embodying the design ideals in its design, you definitely will not lose. The huge triangle at the top of the structure looks like a forest mushroom hat. The roof ceiling of the wooden house is created from narrow strips of material, emphasizing the flawlessness of this design.

To make the roof of a wooden house, it is best to use oak, larch, cedar or aspen.

Insulation of the wooden roof will make the house not only beautiful, but also comfortable on any day, even the harshest winter. The building with panoramic windows, through which the home mood seeps, will not miss the cold and wind, if you make a wooden roof with insulation. Structures with a roof of this type always have a certain personality, these are houses with a certain character. They are reliable, stylish and extraordinary – is this not the reason to start drawing up a project for the construction of such a country house?

Wooden roof will be the perfect solution for lovers of peace. This material absorbs sounds remarkably, protecting the inhabitants of the house from noise.

Why is it worth making a wooden roof?

The smell of autumn, floating in the air, and paths strewn with October leaves leading to your home – this is the atmosphere in which you want to live. Wooden houses under the roof always turn out to be especially cozy. It seems like the warm light inside the building is hidden in a large, reliable box covered with a triangular roof. There is an indescribable pleasure in being an occupant of such a building. Bask on the terrace under a wooden roof, admire the transition from October to November and drink your favorite mint tea.

The roof of wooden houses (photo) relieves the owners of these buildings from a number of problems associated with living in such a house. For example, condensation cannot accumulate under this design, because wood minimizes the temperature difference between the external and external sides of the surface. Perhaps your choice is a flat wooden roof, or maybe you want to give it an atypical shape – any option will be advantageous.

Architects MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects
Photo Doublespace Photography