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Wooden Facade Cladding – Interesting example of the exterior

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cedar wall cladding
cedar wall cladding

The “stone jungle” of megacities depletes man and draws energy from him. Therefore, more and more people prefer to travel outside the city for the weekend or buy real estate for permanent residence. Natural materials of housing contribute to a comfortable rest and fill a person with new forces, fresh ideas, inspire the most unpredictable actions. Undoubtedly, the wooden facade is the most relevant option for cladding such buildings. And in today’s example of an English house, you will see how simple, but at the same time, it can be ideal.


exterior cedar cladding

There was a small bungalow in the Flatropers Wood Preserve, which turned into an aesthetic building. The main idea of the construction was the specific area where the forest and open meadow are located. The architects of the RX Architects studio settled on a single solution to building a frame structure. And this helped them to finish the facade of a private wooden house with natural cedar.

wooden cladding for exterior walls

cedar shingle cladding

Construction of visually resembles a triangle, which seemed to create an internal private yard. At the same time, the main part of the living space opens onto an open area, which allows filling the rooms with natural light. A typical rural construction in the form of separate buildings has remained the traditional solution in this case. The first floor has a living room, dining room, kitchen, and on the second floor on the side of the building are bedrooms.


external cedar cladding

The benefits of choosing a natural wood for cladding the exterior of buildings are said repeatedly:

  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Strength;
  • A combination with different finishing materials;
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Luxurious aesthetics.

external wooden cladding for houses

cedar house cladding

Architects have chosen a combination of glazed openings and cedar cladding. The frame structure is finished in two different ways – siding and wooden shingles. Mostly the facade finish of a private wooden house is made of roughly sawn cedar beams. Shingles are chosen for the visual effect, so that the structure does not seem too gloomy.


wood cladding for outside walls

Cedar is considered the hallmark of its peculiar yellow hue. The wood texture allows you to beat the surface with different styles and viewing angles. In sunlight, the color is more saturated, and in dark areas, under the bends of trees, it seems gray. The “antique” stylization is used in many English homes, which becomes a highlight of architecture.

external wood cladding

wood cladding outside wall

Finishing the facade of a wooden house with siding allows you to make it warmer, protect it from the effects of negative factors. The same function is performed by wooden shingles. For plating, the vertical arrangement of the bars is selected. This design allowed to increase the height of a small structure, which seems much higher.

vertical cedar cladding

cladding a wall with wood

Wood in its natural texture radiates heat, making the building more noble. That is why it is chosen for lining suburban cottages. The outer part of the building, regardless of location and organization, will be in harmony with the natural environment. Forest, spacious green meadows, themselves motivate architects to create simple and concise forms of buildings.

Glass and wood – PERFECT HARMONY

Traditionally, the wooden facade trim balances with panoramic glazing. Large windows, sliding glazed doors expand the area, fill with maximum lighting. At night, the wood perfectly plays with the texture of light, on which the shade can be bright yellow, or muted with a grayish tone.

Bedrooms and living room are completely open to nature. The glazed walls of the second floor allowed residents every morning to enjoy the warm rays, to see the beauty of the world. The interior supported the idea of a wooden facade, so it is made in the same eco-minimalist style.

vertical wood cladding

outdoor wood wall cladding
Architects RX Architects
Area146.0 m2
Photo  Ashley Gendek