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Wooden House with Panoramic Windows / What should be a modern cabin in the forest?

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The compact wooden house with panoramic windows is a secluded, modest cottage in the depths of the forest, covering an area of 90 sq.m. The main advantage of the mansion is the panoramic views of the Canadian nature and the unique, almost mystical atmosphere amidst a quiet majestic forest.

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The architects of the Ménard Dworkind architecture & design bureau built the house on the principle of a forest hut, but at the same time making it ergonomic and comfortable in a modern way.

Modern frame construction technology / wooden houses with panoramic windows

One-story wooden house with panoramic windows was built using frame technology. It is lightweight and easy to assemble, so it turned out to be erected far in the forest on a hilltop with stunning panoramic views of the Mont Tremblant valley.

Getting the materials to the site and collecting them there was no problem. They did without a complex massive foundation. The compact one floor of wood is securely mounted on a simple strip base.

Maximum integration of a wooden house with panoramic windows into nature

The further in the hinterland a house is built, the more attention should be paid to its integration with the natural environment. To achieve environmental integration, the cottage was built almost entirely of wood.

Almost all surfaces inside and outside are finished with wood. Most of the furniture is also made of wood. The central element of the living room is the fireplace, which emphasizes the building’s belonging to primitiveness and simplicity.

In this room, residents can immerse themselves in nature as much as possible, since panoramic glazing is made from both sides. Resting here, you feel like you are in the forest. Sliding shutters allow you to adjust the level of privacy and natural lighting in your home.

Comfort meets simplicity

The cottage has queen-size beds, a designer wooden table, a sink for dishes, and a stylish matte kitchen. At the same time, all structures are made in the simplest possible forms, without frills in the context of design. Made from natural, natural materials.

Down the path from the house there is a sauna with panoramic windows, outdoor shower and hammocks. It is the final link of a country complex for recreation and spa, surrounded by forest.

A cozy wooden house with panoramic windows has become an island for comfortable seclusion among the vastness of the Canadian forest. It will immerse you in the world of wildlife as much as possible.

ArchitectsMénard Dworkind architecture & design