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3D Models of Exterior Window Trim [3ds, obj, stl, skp]

We bring to your attention to download 3D models of exterior window trim with the help of which you can easily transform the facade of your house. By downloading our models, you will have the opportunity to order the design of the exterior window trim you like from any manufacturer without any problems. Our 3D models are presented in 4 main formats: 3ds, obj, stl and skp.

The curved window molding on the sides and the arched window cornice will add grace to the exterior of your window. Such an external finish will visually increase the size of your window opening. Our outside window trim 3D model will add simplicity to your project.

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A repetition of the previous design of the cladding of the facade of the window only with a straight cornice instead of an arched one. These two types of window décor create a dynamic facade picture when alternated with one another on the windows of the same floor. The presented outdoor window trim 3D model will simplify the creation of an exterior design solution with repeating windows on one floor.

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You can download a stucco window trim 3D model using complex brackets and a massive top of the window. The window molding has curly extensions at the corners of the opening.

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Exterior window framing 3D model in a richer design. Complex shaped brackets with massive cornice are used. In addition to the molding framing the opening, there are pilasters on the sides of the window as a continuation of the brackets. The bottom of the window is decorated with a massive basement composition.

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Presented is a 3D model of strict exterior window trim with the use of a frame design around the perimeter. At the top there are two brackets with a massive cornice. Below, instead of a window sill, there are curly rosettes in the corners of the window. There is also a large keystone as the main accent of the window decoration.

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