Complex Roof ► Advantages and Features

Complex Roof ► Advantages and Features

Having the desire to make the house attractive and to design it in a special way, many focus on wall decoration. While the emphasis can be placed on the roof. The complex shape of the roof is a huge variety of architectural ideas. Modern architectural refinements allow even the most unrealistic ideas to be realized, making the buildings fabulous in appearance and comfortable for living. A complex roof is not only an interesting option for improving the facade of the house, but also a great solution to improve the comfort of living in the building.

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Architects Alexis Dornier
Area360.0 m2
Photo KIE

The complex roof of the house with a slope in this case provides protection from the sun to everyone who is by the huge pool. Glasses let in the sun’s rays in a dosed manner, and therefore you will not be blinded by bright light on a perfectly clear day. The combination of wood and glass does not cause much delight when it is just a window and frame, but everything changes when it comes to the roof. The elongated wooden rectangles, which serve as a frame for small glasses, look luxurious.

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Exterior around a complex roof building

The terrace becomes an extension of the refined home. The complex roofs of private houses can give an image of a building elegance, but can make it extraordinary due to the even forms that a complex hip roof suggests, for example. To make the house located on the sea coast look natural and fit into the magical landscape, it is worth using wood for decoration. The pleasant color of milk chocolate contrasts with the blueness of the sky and the deep blue strip of the sea.

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When swimming in a pool under such a roof, you can stay in a shaded place where coolness envelops you like a blanket fluttering in the wind. But at the same time there is always the opportunity to move to the sunny side. Houses with a complex roof stand out for their originality, something non-standard in their shape and design can be viewed from afar. Hidden by greenery and flowers, the building looks unsurpassed from any angle. The exterior includes only a neutral brown color and its shades, which gives the construction a charm.

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Considering some schemes of complex roofs, it is quite difficult to imagine that such a sophisticated design can exist in reality. The curvature of typical forms here became the highlight of the structure. The complex roof of the house, the photo of which you see, is the central detail of the facade. Certain elements of the structure speak of the elitism of any monastery. In this case, these elements were thin strips of wood, used as a shelter for the terrace and the entire building as a whole.

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The ceiling inside the building is located at a sharp slope. The complex roofs of private houses add sophistication to them both outside and inside. The building, the basis of which has become wood, will look great with large panoramic windows. Glass can turn into walls that separate the living room and terrace. They will reflect water glare and a little sky. Sometimes a combination of basic materials, such as a wooden roof and large glass, allows you to get a literally magical result.

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Reasons to make the roof complex

Complex and simple roofs – what is the main difference? A simple option can be attractive due to the color or special topography of the material, but in the case of complex roofs, creativity is achieved mainly due to the non-standard forms. In such a roof, each corner carries not only a functional, but also an aesthetic load.

“There is an opinion that the height of a truly original complex roof should be 2/3 of the facade.”

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The window frames in the photo are an unobtrusive continuation of the roof, as they are decorated in the same natural style. Their forms are perfectly even, classic, due to this, a certain balance is maintained. The building would lose its appeal if there were too many violations of standard rules in its design. The most complex roofs endow buildings with a unique charm that is easy to destroy, trying to include an excessive amount of creative details in the design.

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“When calculating the snow load of the roof, it is necessary to add weight to it, which will appear due to the presence of the workers performing the installation there.”

The split of standards should fit into the framework of beauty, while beauty is placed in the elegant frame of the picture on the wall. Every particle in this house speaks of its exclusivity. Complex roof rafters look amazing, but their cost is never low. Designing such a structure requires large-scale financial and time wasting. Since the frame of a complex roof looks different every time, because the project involves the creation of something extraordinary, you need to create instructions for installation.

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If you change the angle to the building, then the symmetry of the roof slopes becomes noticeable. Complex roof construction is a mix of rules and violations of some architectural principles. It is created for the sake of obtaining an impressive result and requires a lot of work, but such investments will definitely pay off with the received beauty. The roof supports in the photo have become light-looking, powerful designs, the surface of which resembles a mosaic created from hundreds of small pieces of the same material.

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The complex roof (photo) looks as if it was originally an ordinary house, painted as an architectural project on a large sheet. But then the creator of this building with a desperate gesture crossed out all the exact calculations with several lines that became the roof. A modern, stylish and absolutely unique roof. Everything is thought out in its design, from smooth angles to perfectly matched natural colors.

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The ceilings in the house with such a roof are also made of wood, and the best lighting device was the small bulbs built into this surface. A pleasant soft light in the evening adds a feeling of comfort, its rays are scattered throughout the entire area of the building, allowing you to enjoy pastime with a cup of flower tea. The exclusivity of the building, for which a complex roof project was developed, is underlined by the abundance of green plants surrounding the house.

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Complex roofs of private houses (photo) can take any shape and size. The creation of such structures is always accompanied by certain difficulties. After all, the more interesting your plan, the more difficult it is to realize it. A new idea is a frame not used by anyone before, a project of which is to be created. The rafter system of a complex roof can require large financial investments, however, the effectiveness of the result definitely pays for everything.

the frame of the onion roofs has a complex shape