Why do you need a Metal Roof Canopy? ➽ Key Benefits

Why do you need a Metal Roof Canopy? ➽ Key Benefits

Metal roof canopy over the house – an additional construction over the flat roof to improve the operational characteristics of the housing. The photo shows a project of a modern country house with a roof canopy from Fantuzzi + Rodillo Arquitectos.

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A distinctive feature of the ultramodern mansion is the presence of a canopy over the roof. This design is an additional sheet roof on metal supports, at a height of half a meter above the main roof of the house. Consider its advantages.

outdoor canopy metal roof
outdoor canopy metal roof


If the house is located in a hot sunny area, it becomes very hot throughout the day. If there is a flat roof without an attic, the roof warms up quickly enough, it becomes hot in the house, and climatic equipment has to be operated with increased intensity.

flat roof porch canopy

flat roof porch canopy
steel canopy roof

To minimize the incandescence of the reinforced concrete structure, flooring, roofing material, a canopy was installed over the house, creating a shadow and an air gap. It plays the role of a thermostat. The hinged structure mainly takes on heat from sunlight, and does not allow the structure to warm up under it.


Due to the fact that, unlike the traditional pitched roof, the canopy is not closed from the sides, there will always be a draft under it, especially in the open area. Wind currents cool the roof.

flat roof canopy

flat roof canopy
roof deck canopy

Under the metal roof canopy, the air circulates intensively, so the heated air mass does not accumulate here. Airing eliminates the appearance of mold and mildew in wet weather.


The canopy was built not only directly above the house, but also protruded a couple of meters from the walling around the perimeter. Due to such a visor, the rays of the scorching day sun do not shine on the walls and windows – also a positive moment to create a pleasant microclimate in the building.

The house is divided into several independent sections with a separate roof. Due to the canopy above them, a common roof is created covering the space between the buildings.

canopy porch roof

canopy porch roof
flat roof front door canopy

Canopy roof over the house extended over the terrace – outdoor seating area on the street is protected from sunlight and rain. Now you can spend time on the terrace in any weather at any time of the day.

rooftop canopy

rooftop canopy
canopy flat roof

outdoor roof canopy

outdoor roof canopy
hard roof canopy

Under the visor, it is possible to install lamps. This affects the aesthetics and functionality of the house – the building can be highlighted in the evening and at night. The adjacent area is also highlighted.

canopy roof cover

canopy roof cover
outdoor canopy roof

Thus – a metal roof canopy – an additional protective structure, relevant for buildings located in a sunny, open and hot area. When designing such an object, it is important to take into account that because of the canopy it will be impossible to make the roof operational, unless, if taken out to a height of 2-3 meters above the roof. Removing the visor around the perimeter of the house allows you to shelter recreation areas and the adjacent area from the sun and rainfall.

flat roof door canopy

flat roof door canopy
canopy for roof
Architects Fantuzzi + Rodillo Arquitectos
Area478.0 m2
Photo Pablo Blanco