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3D Models of Exterior Decor / Download 400+ pcs

AutoCAD (dwg) + ArchiCAD + 3ds Max, STL + SketchUp + Corel Draw = Library of architectural decor from the manufacturer! With 16 years of experience in the design, production and installation of architectural stucco, we have created the most practical and applicable library 3d models of stucco for outdoor decoration of the house.

You can download the entire library (400+ items) in one archive or select individual parts of the library. Download links under each block on the page.

exterior 3d models



Using our 3D library of architectural decor elements, you can easily create beautiful exterior renderings for your clients. Our collection can be applied in all common architectural 3D modeling programs: AutoCAD (dwg) + ArchiCAD + 3ds Max, STL + SketchUp


A set of 3D models and drawings (AutoCAD (dwg) + ArchiCAD + 3ds Max, STL + SketchUp + Corel Draw) of the classic window design outside. Examples of complete compositions. 18 ready-made 3D solutions for decorative finishing of the window exterior.

ORNAMENTS, PATTERNS 3D Models / 28 models ~ 3dsMax + SketchUp + STL

A collection of 28 gorgeous patterns for the exterior of the house. Any model is scaled to the size you need. You will download pattern models in all formats for 3D modeling: 3dsMax + SketchUp + STL

SMALL DECORATIVE ROSETTES 3D Models / 10 models ~ 3dsMax + SketchUp + STL

QUATREFOILS 3D Models / 11 models ~ 3dsMax + SketchUp + STL

KEYSTONE 3D Models / 15 models ~ 3dsMax + SketchUp + STL


ENTABLATURE 3D MODEL / 3ds + stl + obj + skp

  • column height – 4890 mm
  • column diameter – 500 mm
  • total height of the entablature – 8690 mm
  • width of entablature along the columns – 12 m
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With the help of our library of stucco decoration for SketchUp, you can easily create for your customer realistic 3D images of the facades of houses with the use of facade decor. The process of applying library items is as simple and fast as possible. Any 3d model you can easily scale, change proportions and sizes. From our experience, we can say that SketchUp and the Profile Builder plug-in for it are the best and most practical means of creating realistic photo work on the facade of a house.

Elements: cornices, moldings, window sills, etc. are in a single file – a container that opens with the help of the Profile Builder plugin. Piece details of the design of the walls outside the house are stored in separate files that you simply import into your project and scale to fit your needs.