How to Master the Art of Designing a Classical Blue Grey House Exterior

A classical blue grey house embodies timeless elegance, providing a sophisticated and inviting home exterior that stands out in any neighborhood. The soft blue-grey hue, when paired with carefully chosen design elements and contrasting accents, can create a captivating facade that is both charming and refined. In this guide, we will delve into various ways … Read more

12+ Grey House with Black Trim Inspirations for a Striking Facade

A grey house with black trim offers a timeless and sophisticated exterior design that can easily be adapted to various architectural styles. The striking contrast between the neutral grey and bold black creates a visually appealing facade that stands out in any neighborhood. In this guide, we will explore different ways to design and enhance … Read more

How to Accentuate Your Grey House with White Trim: Tips and Tricks

Grey houses with white trim have become increasingly popular for their timeless elegance and versatile appeal. This classic combination can be adapted to various architectural styles and personal preferences, making it a favorite among homeowners and designers alike. In this inspiring and artistic guide, we will explore tips and tricks on how to accentuate your … Read more

Tips and Ideas on What Color to Paint Your House Exterior

Have you become overwhelmed by the task of choosing the right exterior paint color for your home? Choosing a paint color can be a daunting challenge, but with help from experts and an exploration of exterior home painting ideas, it doesn’t have to be. With this guide, you’ll begin to understand the basics of how … Read more

Role of Color in Architecture & Interior Design

Color in architecture affects not only the appearance of the object, and the environment, but also primarily how the room and the architectural space are perceived by man. This is proven by research. The color palette of the interior and facade of the building affects mood, psychological state, emotions, and feelings. COLOR IN MODERN ARCHITECTURE … Read more

How To Match Stucco Paint Color For House Facade? 50+ Exterior Ideas

residential front wall cement design

The design of the facade is important because the overall look of the house depends on the quality of the work and the chosen design. Painting stucco involves the use of a wide palette of colors. Depending on the requests of the owner, it is possible to use basic shades and provide for their combination. … Read more

Trendy Black & White House Exterior Design

The stylish black and white exterior design of the home is a trendy solution in line with the trend of emphasizing contrasts. The idea is suitable for cottages in ultra-modern hi-tech and minimalist styles. There is practically no decor here, and color, shape, and texture remain the priority design tools. The project of a fashionable … Read more

Black Exterior House @ Bold Home Facade Solutions

You will not surprise anyone with the bright walls of the house, but the facade of the house in black will not go unnoticed. Modern architects are increasingly using dark tones and there are many adherents of these design innovations. BLACK HOME EXTERIOR 👉 COOL EXAMPLE OF A BLACK HOUSE FACADE The dark color of … Read more

Yellow Colour House Outside in the Style of Constructivism

Surrounded by the natural landscapes of the Portuguese city of Porto, a spectacular family mansion with pronounced constructivist features has been erected. Massive monolithic structures, rationality, conciseness, straightforwardness became the basis of the project. At the same time, the architects provided for the yellow color of the exterior of the house, which clearly distinguishes the … Read more

How To Decorate a Stylish Beige House With White Trim?

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Beige and white tones have remained top-of-the-line in facade design for centuries. This is a classic that is notable for its attractiveness, sophistication. Shades are successfully combined with each other and with the environment. They are practical and versatile. A modern beige house with a white trim symbolizes reliability and family comfort. Colors do not … Read more

Why Dark Trim House Exterior Are Interesting?

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Often, expressive dark elements in contrasting colors are used on light, neutral, pastel facades of buildings. The technique can be used both in classical, traditional architecture and in more modern directions, modern. The expressive dark finish of the exterior of the house effectively highlights the structures and creates an accent on the forms. It is … Read more

Brown House White Trim – Reasons for Popularity

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The most common option in the design of house facades is neutral, natural colors. They gently affect the perception of the building, symbolize reliability, and create a pleasant atmosphere of comfort and coziness for a person. All these qualities are distinguished by a brown horse with white trim. Let’s look at examples of projects with … Read more

Modern House Color Ideas – How Diverse Is The Fashion Palette?

The color scheme of the exterior of a modern house combines conciseness, contrast and naturalness. The desire to get closer to nature encourages the use of natural shades. At the same time, in the conditions of the transition from pompous and non-functional elements to the practicality of architecture, the color and texture of the facade … Read more

14+ Best Color Combinations for House Exteriors

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To achieve a harmonious combination of colors on the facade of a house, it is important to choose the right palette, follow the rules for its use and integrate the building into the environment. The choice and combination of paints in the exterior of the house depends on the architectural style, landscape range, technical characteristics … Read more

15+ Trendy Brick House Exterior Color Ideas

Внешний фасад дома

A variety of ideas for painting the brick walls of a country house allows you to turn even a banal building from a traditional material into an original object. With the help of color and an exterior painter, it is possible to emphasize classical architecture or to emphasize the uniqueness of a modern cottage in a … Read more

Modern Black And White House Exterior Ideas

Contrasts have become a trend in the design of not only interiors, but also the facades of fashionable cottages. Stylish black and white home exterior ideas are the solution to create a spectacular, futuristic building look. Achromatic tones are pleasing to the eye. Complementing each other, they do not cause negative emotions, do not irritate, … Read more