Small Wonder: Building Your Dream Tiny Timber Frame House

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Cool Stilt Houses @ Best Ideas for Modern Homes on Pilings

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Modern A-Frame Roof House Design Ideas

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3+ Original Ideas For 1 Storey Frame House

A frame house is a prefabricated house with a supporting structure, the components of which are interconnected. Due to the manufacture of elements from wood, housing is environmentally friendly, and light, it has a comfortable microclimate. The architects of AL PEPE architects presented original ideas – the frame house turned out to be innovative in … Read more

What Can Be A Modern Timber Frame House?

A residential building on the shores of Lake Rupanko in Chilean Patagonia refutes the prevailing belief that a frame wooden house is an impersonal rectangular box. The original design and innovative design solutions allowed the cottage to become a real attraction in the coastal zone. During the construction of a country house among the pristine … Read more

Small Timber Frame House with Red Facade and Roof / Bollbacken Cottage

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Stylish Pent Roof Frame House On A Hillside

The creative single-pitched roof of a frame house on a slope from the Studio EON architectural bureau has become the main architectural component of the cottage. It is designed as a multifunctional structure that, in addition to the main tasks, performs several additional ones at once. The roof has an unusual design with an opening, … Read more

What can be a Two-Story Frame House / Japanese Project

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Shed Roof Frame House – Unusual project in Japan

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Timber Frame House Designs 📌 385 m² Simple forms inside and out

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