17+ Stunning Exterior Natural Stone Cladding Trends to Watch

Exterior natural stone cladding adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any home’s exterior. With its natural beauty and durability, natural stone cladding has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners seeking to elevate their home’s curb appeal. In this article, we will explore five stunning natural stone cladding trends to watch, from traditional … Read more

Inspire Your Home’s Exterior with Stone & Siding Combinations

Combining stone and siding is an age-old design technique that offers the best of both materials in terms of durability and style. This combination gives homes a unique and eye-catching look that stands out from the painted brick, vinyl, or stucco-style exteriors. Not only can you choose from a variety of beautiful house siding types … Read more

Modern Wood & Stone House Exterior

Traditional materials are especially relevant in the construction of housing in the natural environment. In such an environment, the exterior of a house made of wood and stone looks cozy, harmonious, appropriate. In the interior and exterior, there is a connection with the environment. In addition, it is beautiful, fashionable, comfortable and safe. The presented … Read more

Travertine Stone Wall Cladding

Travertine is a sand-gold colored stone that has an uneven texture. This material is demanded in decorative construction works. Technology of installation of travertine on the facade today enjoys increased popularity. Finishing the facade of the house with this stone allows you to create an excellent result. Travertine can be both natural and artificial. By … Read more

Beige Stone Finish Combined With White Interior

Organization of external and internal space is a whole flight of various styles, design ideas. A mix of competently selected design solutions for the modern facade of the house allows you to create an original, unique appearance, as well as design the interior in trendy colors. Despite the variety of directions, facing the outer part … Read more

Modern House Exterior in the Mountains / Metal and Stone

What is modern home exterior decoration? Is there any specific definition of a “stylish building”? The scope of design today is maximally expanded, the embodiment of the most non-standard projects is welcome. If you want to make a modern house exterior, we offer to add a maximum of creativity to the design of the building. … Read more

Stone Veneer Siding / How to Apply Stone Panels in Exterior?

Фасадная панель Корунд~ Döcke ~ Фасадные, цокольные панели под камень ~ Выбор по фото домов

The stone market has been largely taken over by plastic façade panels mainly because consumers can get the look of real stone at little cost. There are both plastic facade siding under the stone and real stone panels on the market. But there are some serious advantages when choosing plastic stone panels in relation to … Read more

Natural Stone Cladding Homes with Modern Rural Interiors

By creating contemporary living in an old fashioned way, architects and designers authentically recreate the ambience of the time that the home belongs to, while integrating it with innovative solutions. This allows you to adapt the color and romance of the old buildings to the needs of a modern family. The cladding of the house … Read more