Designing Your Dream Monolithic Dome Home: Tips, Tricks, and Inspiration

Welcome to the world of monolithic dome homes, where innovative design meets eco-friendliness, and futuristic living becomes a reality. If you’ve ever dreamed of designing and living in a home that combines unique aesthetics, energy efficiency, and unparalleled durability, monolithic dome homes might just be the perfect fit for you. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll … Read more

Unleashing the Wild: Inspiring Unique Cabin Designs

Cabin living has always been a way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and connect with nature. However, the cabin design of today is anything but traditional. Architects and designers are unleashing their creativity, breaking away from traditional norms, and redefining the cabin living experience. These unique cabin designs are functional, aesthetically … Read more

Breathtaking Organic Architecture to Inspire and Delight

Organic architecture is a type of design that is focused on creating a harmonious connection between people and the environment. Through its creative use of structures and materials, organic architecture strives to create homes that are safe, energy-efficient, and inspiring. By connecting nature with human culture, organic architecture helps us find beauty in the daily … Read more

Unique Design of the Dome-Shaped Home

Spherical houses are not a modern innovation in architecture. Since ancient times, people on all continents built dome-shaped dwellings from different materials: wigwams and ikukwans, igloos and Wikipedia, wattle and daub, borrowing the shape of the structure from our smaller brothers. The unusual design of the modern dome house, complemented by the original design of … Read more

3+ Unusual Ideas For A Modern Home

Building technologies that are developing rapidly and the emergence of new building materials are creating unusual ideas for a modern home. If for our ancestors the reliability and practicality of a residential building came to the fore, then a modern house along with these qualities should be comfortable, safe, unusual, and meet all environmental standards. … Read more

Simple Forms In The Cork House Project

An innovative approach to architectural solutions with an emphasis on the environmental component found its bright embodiment in a cork house. This unique example of modern housing construction is almost entirely made of cork panels, which provide the home with a strong relationship with the natural environment. Cork exterior 👉 An architectural idea, as a … Read more

Black Exterior House @ Bold Home Facade Solutions

You will not surprise anyone with the bright walls of the house, but the facade of the house in black will not go unnoticed. Modern architects are increasingly using dark tones and there are many adherents of these design innovations. BLACK HOME EXTERIOR 👉 COOL EXAMPLE OF A BLACK HOUSE FACADE The dark color of … Read more

Arched House in the Forest / Maximum integration into nature

Atelier Marko Brajovic conceptual arch house – features of the house architecture, unique opportunities for residents – photo and description of the project. The architectural bureau Atelier Marko Brajovic presented the conceptual design of a compact cottage with a unique shape. This is an arched house, the walls and roof of which are represented by … Read more

3 Reasons to Build an Unusual House on Difficult Terrain / Amilu Farmhouse

Sometimes the originality of a house is due not only to the desire to build original housing, but also to the conditions in which it is being built. A non-standard landscape hides several reasons at once why it is worth abandoning typical architecture and building a creative object. The architectural bureau F: L Architetti presented … Read more

Round Houses / 2 Modern Circular Homes Worth Seeing

The non-standard form of the building requires extraordinary and unusual solutions in the context of the planning and arrangement of the space. The architectural bureau Formative Architects presented the layout of the round house – one of the most creative options. ROUND HOUSE DESIGNS – WHAT 5 FEATURES THE ROUND SHAPE HOUSE LAYOUT GOT / … Read more

Round Windows House – Kindergarten project with an unusual design

The house with round windows is a kindergarten project in the best European trends. Features of architecture, photo, design and layout of a social object. The architectural bureau Schmid Ziörjen Architektenkollektiv presented a modern kindergarten with a very unusual architecture – this is a house with round windows. The building is designed in a minimalist … Read more

Shed Roof Frame House – Unusual project in Japan

The Japanese have always been able to surprise in the context of architecture. One of the most creative and unusual private houses was a small mansion designed by the mA-style architects architectural bureau, built in the Japanese city of Hamamatsu. This is a frame house with a shed roof, which on one side is practically … Read more

[ Unusual Houses ] 33+ Examples of Amazing Home Design

Modern designs of unusual houses are almost limitless in the context of forms and space planning. One of the brightest examples of such real estate was the cottage of the architectural bureau Office O architects. Futuristic hi-tech house is completely devoid of traditional features, with the exception of perhaps large panoramic windows. On the example … Read more

Hillside House Design ~ 650 м² ~ Layered, unusual configuration and comfort

Hillside house design must always take into account the peculiarities of the terrain. Therefore, the construction of buildings on a hilly plot is fraught with certain difficulties, since the strengthening of slopes is required to prevent landslides and soil shifts. HILLY PLOT FEATURES AND SLOPE HOUSE DESIGN When constructing a building in a mountainous area, … Read more