Unparalleled Luxury with Concrete House and Wooden Facade

Many modern homeowners are turning to the creative combination of a concrete house structure with a wooden facade to provide them with an upgrade on the traditional timber frame home design. The use of concrete in modern exterior design is gaining popularity due to its insulating properties and aesthetic appeal. This particular combination, however, takes … Read more

Unlock Your Imagination with Creative Tree House Design Ideas

Tree houses are special constructions that bring together the best of both worlds – nature and architecture. They provide a unique retreat for us to explore and appreciate both the beauty of nature and the creativity of human invention. Tree houses also offer an ideal opportunity for homeowners to customize their own space. From convenient … Read more

Get the Timeless Look of Wood Siding for Your Home

Imagine living in a home that exudes style, sophistication, and warmth all at once. This is possible with wood siding! Wood siding is a type of cladding used to cover the exterior walls of your home. It is immensely popular among homeowners because it provides insulation, has low maintenance costs, and also improves the aesthetic … Read more

A Definitive Guide to Designing Profitable Modern House Front Elevations

Designing the front elevation of a house is an important decision. It has a significant impact on how the house looks, and it also determines how much light and air is let in. This article will focus on what you should consider when designing a modern house front elevation. Use an inverted triangle to draw … Read more

Modern Single Storey House Designs with Wooden Facade

Hidden among the green Brazilian nature is a luxurious modern house with spacious outdoor seating areas. It consists of sections with a concrete frame and an eco-friendly wooden facade. The designs are as simple and practical as possible. At the same time, the design of a modern one-story house with a wooden facade is distinguished … Read more

Modern German Houses: Fresh projects from the best architects

The modern architecture of Germany demonstrates exquisite forms and emphasis on local culture, which is visible in the projects of German houses in various regions. German country house 👉 A combination of traditional architectural rules with a dark building facade Rethinking the building traditions of the past, the use of new stylistic solutions and materials … Read more

What Can Be A Modern Timber Frame House?

A residential building on the shores of Lake Rupanko in Chilean Patagonia refutes the prevailing belief that a frame wooden house is an impersonal rectangular box. The original design and innovative design solutions allowed the cottage to become a real attraction in the coastal zone. During the construction of a country house among the pristine … Read more

Modern Example of Exterior Shingle Siding

Exterior shingle siding is not among the most popular building materials. There is a misconception that the simplicity of this finishing wood is only suitable for equipping premises in an eco-style, for roofing or walls of utility rooms. Adherents of architectural innovations in the use of shingles, shingles, and spindles refute such an established opinion … Read more

Inexpensive Wooden One Storey House with Interesting Roof Shape

A limited budget is not yet a reason to abandon trendy ideas in the construction of suburban housing. Architectural bureau Duarte Fournies Arquitectos presented a small wooden one-story house with an interesting roof shape, corresponding to fashionable trends in housing construction for little money. The object was built of wood using frame technology, which made … Read more

Narrow Two Story House With Modern Wood Trim

When building a summer house on a compact site, you often resort to non-standard ideas to realize full-fledged housing and achieve its maximum rationality. Architectural bureau Kvalbein Korsøen Arkitektur has presented a narrow two-story house with modern wood trim, ideal for a problematic suburban area. With an area of 100 square meters, the dwelling has … Read more

Minimalistic House Design with Outdoor Wood Paneling

A spectacular project on a hill in the middle of the plains is a secluded holiday home surrounded by a breathtaking panorama. The design of the house with outdoor wood paneling in a minimalist style is based on simplicity and conciseness, but at the same time, it reflects the tendencies of cozy village housing and … Read more

Eco Friendly Exterior Wood Cladding Ideas

On a hillside in the middle of a dense deciduous forest, there is a spacious family residence with views of the green landscapes. The colorful exterior wood cladding ideas are based on environmental friendliness. The architects focused on the safety of the facility for humans and the environment. The construction uses local natural materials, and … Read more

3+ Reasons To Use Burnt Wood On Your Home Facade

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Burnt wood on the facade of the house is a stylish finish that adds austerity and mystery to the building. Massive walls and structures in absorbing black color, together with dark panoramic windows with tinted glazing, look like a majestic fortress. The project by the architectural bureau Magaldi Studio was implemented on a hillside near … Read more

Eco Friendly Modern Farmhouse Project with Wooden Facade

Traditional materials never cease to go out of fashion. Wood, stone are actively used in the construction of ultra-modern housing. In addition to materials, traditional construction technologies are also becoming trendy. This means that housing is built in accordance with the principles of classical village buildings. Designed by architects De Matos Ryan, this wooden-fronted modern … Read more

Barnhouse in Modern House Project with Wooden Facade

In creating this wood-fronted barnhouse project, the architects sought to achieve simplicity in appearance, in keeping with traditional rural barn building techniques. The building resembles an agricultural building with elements of modern housing, including panoramic windows, spacious layouts. To make the building look like a barn as much as possible, high sliding doors resembling gates … Read more

Functional Facade of a Two-Story Wooden House

On the picturesque Brazilian coast in Sao Paulo, there is a cozy two-story house overlooking the ocean. A feature of the project was the transforming facade of a two-story wooden house, behind which floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows are hidden. The enclosing structure is represented by sliding shutters made of wooden lamellas, through which light partially passes … Read more

33+ Ideas on How to Build Modern Beautiful Wooden House

Architects and designers are actively using traditional materials in the construction of modern cottages. Such housing with a trendy design is distinguished by time-tested reliability, comfort and a pleasant microclimate at any time of the year. Architect Nicholas Dahan presented stylish beautiful houses made of wood, which in design and functionality fully meet the needs … Read more

Modern Wood & Stone House Exterior

Traditional materials are especially relevant in the construction of housing in the natural environment. In such an environment, the exterior of a house made of wood and stone looks cozy, harmonious, appropriate. In the interior and exterior, there is a connection with the environment. In addition, it is beautiful, fashionable, comfortable and safe. The presented … Read more

33+ Modern Stone & Wood House Ideas

The architectural bureau MMXX Architects presented a modern stone-wooden house in the city of Samokov (Bulgaria). The two-story building has a simple rectangular shape and features characteristic of rural housing. It is built of traditional eco-friendly materials, has a symmetrical facade and a gable roof. But at the same time, architects introduced elements into the … Read more

Beautiful Houses in the Forest ✓ Modern Design Ideas

For a modern urban dweller, unity with nature is like a breath of fresh air. Modern beautiful houses in the forest give this opportunity like nothing else. Take a look at our selection of beautiful and comfortable cabins and houses in the forest from the world’s best architects. Beautiful House In The Forest – 3 … Read more

Concrete patio house with dynamic wooden facade

Light, open, filled with fresh air and natural light, a spacious patio house with an opening wooden facade is located in the Mexican tourist center of Puerto Escondido. The object is distinguished by the closest contact with the local flora. Living spaces are literally intertwined with the garden, which penetrates the volumes from different sides. … Read more

10+ Decorative House Siding Ideas With Natural Imitation

Home decorative siding is a cladding material to enhance the aesthetics and performance of a home. In modern architecture, such a coating for external walls is very diverse – it is made from wood, metal, ceramics, PVC and other materials. This opens up endless design possibilities for owners. Consider the most unusual and creative options … Read more

8+ Creative Outside Wall Covering Ideas with Natural Materials

The effectiveness and attractiveness of the facade depends to a large extent on the material and configuration of the exterior cladding of the house. Modern ideas for external wall coverings make it possible to turn a country cottage into a unique architectural object. With the help of external finishing, the building is stylized to resemble … Read more

Modern Prefabricated Wooden Houses / Prefab wooden homes from Chile

The modern building world offers various concepts and technologies for the construction of economical and stylish housing. New types of structures take little time for construction, while guaranteeing a full level of comfort. Designed prefabricated wooden houses every day become popular among clients of architectural bureaus, because they have a lot of advantages. prefab wooden … Read more

Deconstructivism in Wooden House Design

What are the benefits of a modular type cottage due to the design of wooden houses in the style of deconstructivism. The architectural bureau Elii shifted the model of deconstructivism into a somewhat unusual form – it will become the basis in the design of wooden houses of a residential type. In the usual practice, … Read more

Multiple Materials House Facades ~ What home cladding options are there?

Facade decoration performs not only aesthetic, but also a practical function in the design of the building. The sound and thermal insulation level, the stability of walls under the influence of precipitation, etc. directly depend on the quality of work. Recently, design projects have gained popularity, which multiple materials several facing materials of different appearance … Read more

Exterior Wood Siding

Wood, perhaps, is the most traditional type of exterior cladding of facades of houses. It is extremely versatile and available in many different styles. Each style is beautiful and adds a sense of traditional charm to any home. People love wooden wall paneling for their beautiful and natural facade design. TYPES OF WOOD SIDING FOR … Read more