Tips for Planning Budget-Friendly Spain Vacations

Spain – the land of sun, sea, and sangria that has attracted droves of people to its shores since time immemorial.

While the pandemic put the breaks on Spain’s growth as a premier tourism destination, the country is well and truly back in business, with tourism revenues predicted to break all previous records this year. Spain vacations come in many shapes and sizes, with various budgets and adventures available.

If your priority is planning a trip to Spain that offers the best possible value for money, check out these essential tips.

Figure Out Your Priorities

Before traveling to Spain, your first step is determining why you wish to go. Spain means many things to many people. Perhaps you’re looking to soak up the cultural bonanza of Barcelona and Madrid.

Maybe you want good weather and laid-back living. If you’re looking for a sun-kissed hideaway, you can come back to again and again, your best bet might be to invest in a vacation home in Spain that is yours forever.

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Timing Is Everything for Spain Vacations

Whether it’s a Spain luxury vacation or a backpacking hostel adventure you’re after, timing is critical to getting the best value for money. Let’s start with the obvious ones.

By booking your flights, train tickets, and accommodation well in advance (especially 3+ months), you can save vast sums of money compared to booking last minute.

Meanwhile, Spain travel packages will be much cheaper off-season, in the fall and winter (when the weather is often still great), than if you book during the height of spring or summer. Choose your timing wisely. 

Move Smarter

If you’re opting for a Spain budget trip involving multiple destinations, a little bit of planning when it comes to getting from A to B could save you thousands of dollars.

While the train is the most popular way to get around, booking your tickets a few weeks in advance will save you huge sums of cash. In addition, choosing the bus or choosing to travel overnight or early in the morning will also be much, much cheaper.

Meanwhile, when you are in the cities, always opt for the incredibly affordable public transport. Ride-shares and taxis are hugely expensive across Spain and have a reputation for overcharging unwitting customers. 

The Design of Spain at Your Fingertips

We’ve all dreamt of our perfect Spain vacations. Fortunately, exploring the riches of Spain is doable even for those on more modest budgets. 

Many of us are keen to soak up the iconic design of Spain, from the terracotta rooftops to the mind-bending architecture of Gaudi. Perhaps you know little about Spanish-style architecture and want some background knowledge before departing.

If so, we have got you covered. Our design and architecture pages showcase some of the best that Spain has to offer. Check it out today.