Ways to Style Your Home With Mirrored Walls

style your home with mirrored walls 

Mirrors are often underestimated in interior design, as they have always been there around us. However, with the proper placement and a great idea, you can truly create a ‘mirror-cle’ in your home. Mirror walls have been around for a while now, and they never seem to go out of style. They have the purpose to make a space look bigger than it is, but can also do decorative a task very well. Styling your home with mirrored walls is rather easy, and this guide will show you how to do it. Here are some ideas on how to use mirrored walls in your home and make them the star of the show. 

Make your bedroom look bigger 

A mirrored wall can make your bedroom look a lot bigger, and also bring a cool vibe to the interior. A mirrored wall is a great choice for the back of your master bedroom to create the illusion of having more space behind it. This is a great alternative for hanging a huge mirror above your bed frame, especially if you live in an area that has a high risk of earthquakes. A mirrored wall can also go on the opposite side of your window in the bedroom. It will reflect the light in the room, making the colors pop, and it’s a great choice for those who opt for furniture in dark colors

a mirrored wall in a bedroom

A whole wall covered in mirrors will make the room look bigger. 

Use a mirror wall to complete the open-floor plan 

The open floor plan has been a very popular choice over the years. However, even though we want to unify the living space with a dining room or a kitchen, there should be something that distinguishes all these spaces. A mirror wall can be a great way to blend the living room and kitchen, as it can serve as a boundary but visually not limit the room. Even though there’s a wall between the two rooms, the mirror will give it a different effect and create a subtle transition. 

Mix it up

A plain mirrored wall is okay, but you can play with it a little bit and give it a whole new dimension. Try breaking up the mirror with some other materials such as wood in different colors, metal, etc. Think about the concept of the interior and see what kind of material wood fit the best. Use it to create panels, strips, or other shapes to give the mirrored wall a new look and make it more interesting. Such a wall will be a conversation starter and lift your interior to a new level.  

a mirrored wall in a dining room 

A mirrored wall will reflect the light and visually make the space larger. 

Let a mirror wall accentuate the art 

If there’s an art piece you want to draw attention to, a mirrored wall might be just the right way to do it. One of the ways to style your home with mirrored walls is to place them behind a piece of art, creating a beautiful reflection of the piece. This optical illusion of two sculptures looking at each other can transform your hallway or living room and make it the star of the show. 

Remember: when moving into a new home, take the unpacking process seriously to avoid damage. Make sure you do it step by step and ensure art pieces are among the first things on the unpacking list. Hang the pictures and put away other art so they don’t get broken in the process. 

A small powder room? Not a problem! 

Having a powder room in your home can be incredibly useful, and it can also elevate the luxurious side of your home. It’s a place to quickly freshen up and it’s particularly useful when you have guests over. Even though it’s a rather small place, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make it exceptional. It’s true that the limited space is the biggest disadvantage, you can use a mirrored wall to help you with that. It’s easy to clean, serves its main purpose, and also opens up the space and visually makes it larger. 

 powder room items on a counter

A small powder room doesn’t need to mean a small mirror. 

 A great solution for your home gym 

If you have a spare room in your home, dedicate it to a healthier lifestyle and toned muscles. A home gym is a great addition to any property, and it can significantly increase its value. You’ll need some gym equipment, great lights, and a mirror to see if you’re doing the exercises well. A mirrored wall can be a great choice here, as you can check your progress from all angles, but also make the space look amazing. This can also be helpful if your home gym is located in a room with not so many windows, as it will reflect the lights and make the space brighter. 

Moving into a new home?

If there’s an upcoming remodeling, you are probably moving into a new home. This is a rather complex task, and you should take some time to prepare for it. If your home includes mirrors and similar delicate items, be sure to protect them at all costs. Experts from Worldwide Moving Systems remind new homeowners that it’s better to invest time and money in precaution and protection than feel sorry after the damage is done. Framed mirrors, mirrored walls, art pieces, and delicate furniture made of glass – all of these items are at high risk in remodeling and moving processes. 

Final words 

Making your home more beautiful is about blending materials, textures, and details into a unique greatness. One way to succeed in it is to style your home with mirrored walls and use them to your advantage. Mirrors can not only help you create an amazing interior, but they can also visually enlarge the space and help it get more light. Mirrored walls are a true statement piece to every home, so consider adding one when remodeling. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to choose the best position for a mirrored wall in your home and help you make the most out of your interior.