Best Exterior House Color Schemes 2021

The fashionable exterior house color schemes in 2021 is, first of all, natural, natural colors, contrasting accents and natural textures. But keep in mind that following these trends is also worth taking into account the style in which the house is built.

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If this is a classic, the best option would be a soft, pastel scale with an expressive roof, plinth, not too catchy combinations and transitions from one tone to another. The color scheme of a modern high-tech house, minimalism implies more radical solutions. This is a rich palette, and the predominance of dark tones, many natural surfaces like stone, metal, wood.

Fashionable modern house color schemes

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Today it is fashionable to demonstrate naturalness and authenticity. This symbolizes the safety of the house, the high status of the owner, and comfort. In addition, the natural color scheme of the exterior of the cottage looks not only beautiful, but also harmoniously integrates it into the surroundings. Nature is becoming more and more valuable, and closeness to it takes on a new meaning – freedom, purity, safety and comfort.

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In this regard, shades of gray from the lightest to graphite tones have become trendy. In the TOP there are also brown, white, black, beige, green and dark blue colors.

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In part, this palette is also suitable for the classics. But at the base, light shades are used here, and dark types of wenge, burgundy, dark gray are used for additional structures – roofs, foundations.

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In this case, it is important to soften the atmosphere of the house, add charm and high cost to it. This can be done using white decor, stucco molding. Framed with white shapes, structures acquire a touch of elegance, they become a decoration of the facade, and not only its functional elements.

Brick house color schemes

outdoor house color schemes

During the construction of brick houses, the trend has become the preservation of the natural texture and color of the brick. But the color schemes are quite diverse here. With the popularization of the loft, barn houses, country trends, bricks are often used in an aged, heterogeneous form.

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Also, in the color scheme of a modern brick house, the use of dark brown, black, gray tones is encouraged. A brick wall in any of these shades looks strict and contrasting against the background of a natural landscape, but does not contradict it due to its naturalness.

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The color of the roof and foundation in brick houses should be darker than the walls, but in the same color palette.

painted brick house color schemes

It is also popular to use bricks of different colors. The most extraordinary options involve styling a house for unfinished construction. Color also helps with this. It is popular to use the regular red brick palette.

Trending cottage color schemes exterior

The most fashionable solutions imply the use of a homogeneous natural color scheme in a modern home and the use of similar shades with different saturation, texture tone.

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Dark brown with brown and white. The color scheme of the exterior of the cottage can be entirely based on brown. It makes sense to use the same tone everywhere, or to make the bottom darker – almost black or graphite, and the top – light brown. In this case, the roof is also made in a darker tone. Such a house is distinguished by a natural, pleasant palette for perception. It blends well with nature.

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The next trendy color scheme for a modern home is based on white. It is a versatile, always popular, light tone that visually enlarges and lightens the building.

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If the house is surrounded by a forest, brown and green tones should be added to the white. For a building in the mountains, gray, graphite shades are suitable. And on the coast of the sea, on flat terrain, feel free to use the monotonous snow-white color. Here you can add accents with blues, blues or even black contrasts.

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Beige, cream tones also remain popular. The color scheme of the exterior of the cottage with beige, brown, green tints is suitable for both modern styles and classics. In the latter case, it is important to add a light, white decor. The palette is successfully integrated into the urban landscape and the natural environment.

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The next trend is natural wood tones. This is a sign of nobility, environmental friendliness, home coziness and comfort. Neat facades blend in with their surroundings. The cottage symbolizes the serenity and aesthetics created by nature itself.

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The cool exterior house color schemes in black is spectacular and eccentric. Chrome surfaces, glass, play of glossy and matte surfaces create a feeling of dynamics and modernity. The range should contain light natural shades, diluting the gloom and focusing on the comfort of the home at home. It is not for nothing that large panoramic windows are often made in such cottages, through which a light, stylish interior can be seen.