33+ Reasons to Choose a Dark House Exterior

Expressive contrasting tones have become a trend in new generation architecture. The dark exterior of the house is unique and impressive with its solidity. With the help of black, gray, graphite, brown tones, you can emphasize the naturalness, naturalness of the object or focus on its futuristic, modernity.

The advantages of the dark exterior of the house are its originality, showiness, versatility. Accent colors can be used in a variety of styles from ethnic to ultra-modern. Consider these advantages and features of using dark tones in the design of the exterior of the house in more detail.

Expressive dark house exterior

Dark tones stand out against the background of nature, so architecture becomes the centerpiece of the landscape. The solution is suitable for those who want to focus on their cottage. But depending on the environment, dark tones can also be a way of integrating into the landscape. Gray rocky landscapes, coniferous forests love dark, earthy hues. Here such a house will become part of the environment, modestly merging with it.

темный экстерьер дома

In other cases, contrasting tones help to clearly highlight the lines, silhouette, so the building is not lost against the background of any kind, including deciduous forest, valley, sea, sky, desert or city. This option is suitable for owners who like to stay in the spotlight, demonstrate their success and status using material resources.

Atmospheric dark house exterior

темный фасад дома

Dark tones are suitable for atmospheric traditional and ethnic architecture, barnhouses. They emphasize the special color of objects. But at the same time, such colors are well combined with ultra-modern styles such as hi-tech, techno, constructivism, minimalism.

темный фасад дома

By diluting the dark exterior of the house with light elements, panoramic glazing, you visually lighten the object, making it comfortable for perception. The cottage will not appear gloomy. It is best to use neutral natural shades here.

Fashionable dark house exterior

The next reason to use a dark exterior at home is fashion. This decision is considered a trend.

Dark tones look spectacular together with rational, laconic forms. It is this architecture that has gained popularity in recent years.

Strict dark house exterior

Black, graphite tones look solid and expensive. Due to the play of matte and glossy surfaces, smooth and textured designs, it is possible to achieve dynamics, so severity is not perceived as boring, dull and gloomy.

In modern architecture, such techniques symbolize the high status and prestige of the object, its owner. You are not afraid to show determination and commitment to the freshest ideas.

Unique dark house exterior

The choice in favor of non-standard, atypical tones for the exterior cladding of buildings is reflected in the individualization of the object. It becomes unlike mass architecture, stands out from the general background. Color acts as a tool for creating a unique appearance of an architectural object. In this case, you do not need to use decor, patterns. It is enough to play with the texture, texture, cladding materials.

Choose a dark exterior for your home if you want an extraordinary, atmospheric, mesmerizing effect. Such tones symbolize confidence, severity, good quality, therefore, the feeling of a reliable, durable cottage is created, which will remain expressive against the background of nature.

Graphite dark house exterior

The dark graphite exterior of the house is a trendy, modern living solution with a touch of futuristic design. With a large amount of glass and natural wood, such a facade does not look gloomy, but differs in an expensive stylish appearance – the N.A.O.

dark house facade

Consider 3 benefits of dark in the context of cottage facade design.

dark cladding of the exterior of the house

The showiness of the dark exterior of the house

The matte graphite color looks fashionable and expensive on the exterior. Due to the corrugated surface, depending on the position of the sun, black stripes are formed on it, adding dynamism to structures and surfaces.

dark decoration of the facade of the house at night

This color effectively emphasizes the modernity of the building in ultra-trendy minimalism. At the same time, it is combined with natural brown, beige, light tones and allows you to create a clear border between the inside and the outside.

dark exterior of 2 storey building

To complement the showiness of the graphite façade, the architects have provided panoramic window frames in the same color.

dark exterior of the house with large windows

Accentuating the home with a dark exterior

The graphite-colored facade looks harmoniously next to the natural shades of wildlife and at the same time stands out in contrast against the background of greenery and blue sky. This puts the house in the spotlight.

dark exterior of the house combined with light interior

It is successfully played in a meadow surrounded by a forest. And due to the fact that natural wood is partially present on the facade and in the interior, viewed through panoramic windows, the cottage is literally integrated into the environment.

The originality of the exterior of the house in a dark color

Despite its impressiveness, a dark exterior for a residential building is an atypical solution. Such a house does not go unnoticed in almost any setting. This is the choice of connoisseurs of unusual and bold enough, but beautiful ideas.

dark exterior of the house with wood cladding

The dark exterior of the house looks austere and laconic, in line with the latest trends in design and architecture. The main feature of a graphite facade is visibility and beauty. But for this, it is important to correctly beat such a finish so that the object does not look boring and gray.

PhotoShinichi Hanaoka

Spectacular dark facade of the house in a modern style

Expressive dark wood cladding of the facade for showiness and integration of the house into the natural environment.

Contrasts have become the most important element in the design of houses and cottages of a new generation. The rich dark facade cladding harmoniously integrates the presented object into the natural environment of a dense forest. Surfaces in graphite color look solid, massive, expressive. At the same time, inside the house was made as light as possible due to the walls in white tones and high-quality natural lighting. This had a positive effect on the visual increase in space and a comfortable environment in the home.

dark facade cladding

Due to these techniques, it was possible to achieve the effect of rigor, rudeness from the outside and homely warmth, comfort in living quarters. And to make the interior look rich, dynamic and stylish, dark accents from furniture and surfaces were also added to it.

dark facade cladding

The introduction of a house with a dark facade finish into the forest

The main tool for integrating a small house into wildlife was its dark facade cladding with burnt cedar. At the same time, the design is made in minimalism without decor, complex, intricate shapes and elements. Here the emphasis is on practicality, simplicity, rationality. All this made it possible to neatly fit the house into the landscape. Narrow but highly vertical window openings contribute to the harmony of the architecture with the forest landscape.

dark facade cladding

Integration with nature can be traced not only outside, but also inside. Natural materials, including natural wood, were used for decoration and furniture. At the same time, the spaces look as simple as possible.

dark facade cladding

Instead of paintings and other decor, there are entire systems of windows made on the principle of colonnades. Through them you can see the forest, which seems to penetrate into the housing, becomes part of the interior and creates a peaceful atmosphere here.

dark facade cladding

Dark façade cladding with wood as the main feature of the facility

The main feature of a one-story house in a modern style was its unique, strict and expressive facade. The building is spectacular and in harmony with wildlife. At the same time, there is an emphasis on environmental friendliness, safety, quality factor.

dark facade cladding

The architecture is as simple as possible, concise. Two sections of the house are equipped with shed flat roofs. To dilute the dark background, to make the walls and roof expressive, the lining of the ceiling and cornices with light larch helps. Such a technique seems to frame the roof, making it visually lighter, the house looks more neat, comfortable.

dark facade cladding

High glossy windows in walls with a matte finish can be mistaken for portals. They add dynamism to the architecture, visually increase the height of the house, emphasize its comfort for a modern family. This solution looks fashionable and quite expensive. Therefore, with the simplicity and conciseness of the dark finish of the facade with natural wood, the house is positioned as a luxurious, ultra-modern object.

dark facade cladding
ArchitectsNicholas Francoeur
ImagesRaphaël Thibodeau