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Large Windows in a Modern Country House

How large windows helped integrate the country house into the natural surroundings. We get rid of borders due to panoramic panoramic glazing. 15 photos

large glass windows

Panoramic glazing is one of the main architectural techniques in modern suburban construction. Glasses on the floor seem to blur the boundaries between internal and external space. Large panoramic windows in the project of the Lichtstad Architecten architectural bureau have become an example of how a large glazing area affects the species characteristics and insolation of housing.

large sliding windows
large casement windows

house with big windows – spectacular surroundings due to large windows

The presented cottage is located in a picturesque area, on an island near the grow in the Netherlands. Here, in any direction, an impressive landscape opens up, and architects took advantage of this. Large windows in the country house are provided in social areas and in bedrooms. Due to the remoteness and location in the natural environment, there was practically no need to care about privacy, so the housing was made almost transparent.

large front window

The environment looks even more spectacular due to panoramic glazing. The interior space of the first floor smoothly flows into the terrace, and longer – the shore of the lake. Sitting at the dining table, you get the impression of being surrounded by nature, but at the same time you are in a comfortable, modern house.

house with large windows

big windows – maximum light all day long

The living space remains open and bright. The house is not closed neither by trees, nor by fences or other buildings. The rays of the sun pierce it from dawn to the last minutes of sunset. From the rooms you can watch a picturesque sunrise and watch a beautiful evening against the backdrop of the lake.

large fixed windows

All functional rooms in the house, including the dining area, places for cooking, relaxing, working and playing, are located so that they open out through large panoramic windows.

room with big windows

huge windows – lack of barriers

The house terrace around the house and the interior space are on the same level – a practically barrier-free environment is created. Visually, this space is also practically not divided – the only element designating the borders is sliding large windows.

large upvc window

At each level of the house there is a close connection with the outside world. Each functional area has a unique look due to the fact that they all go in different directions. Inside, the space is visually divided. Due to the delimitation by vertical zoning, it was possible not only to achieve an interesting reception in the interior, but also to emphasize the species characteristics. For example, due to the location of the cooking zone on the podium, an even more impressive view opens up from it. And from the bedrooms located on the top floor, the panorama is visible to the horizon.

extra large windows

large home windows – unification with nature

The integration of housing in a beautiful natural environment is a trend in modern suburban housing construction. In the presented facility, it turned out to be implemented at the highest level. Moreover, a connection with nature can be traced at every level of the building – from social zones on the ground floor to private rooms, bedrooms upstairs.

large modern windows

Large windows for a country house have become the main tool for integrating housing into the natural environment. Panoramic glazing not only provided an impressive view, but made it possible to literally connect the internal and external space into a single whole. It seems that the view landscapes are not just nature outside, but part of the house. It does not matter if the tenant is resting in the living room, bedroom or on the terrace – he is surrounded by wildlife.

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