9+ Impressive Home Exterior Accent Wall Ideas

Quite often, just one accent turns a seemingly nondescript home into a trendy modern cottage. Exterior accent wall design ideas allow you to dilute and revive a boring facade. They make it rich and eye-catching. And all because, thanks to the accent, the house gets a completely different look, atmosphere, and mood.

exterior accent wall ideas

From sight, an old rural hut can turn into a barn cottage, and a nondescript gray concrete, the brick house will become the central object of the site and the background behind it.

exterior accent wall ideas

Exterior accent wall color ideas

Exterior accent wall color ideas

Most often, deep dark tones are used for accents, since in most cases light shades are the basis. The idea behind the accent wall of the exterior here is that the structure is torn out of the general palette, attracting maximum attention.

Exterior accent wall color ideas

How does it works on the perception of an object by a person, consider an example. If you look at the cottage in the photo above and imagine that it is made in a single gray color, most will identify it as a wooden building of an incomprehensible shape. The architects added an accent, and now the dark tone has become the main in the design. We already see the building as an interesting house with a black facade. A feature was added to the project, and it turned out to be dominant here.

Exterior accent wall color ideas

The same effect is observed in the next object. The thatched farmhouse has been transformed into a stylish black thatched cottage. At the same time, accents help to visually emphasize the unusual shape of the structure.

Textured and constructive exterior accent wall ideas

Textured and constructive exterior accent wall ideas

Sometimes the main purpose of an accent wall is to transform a building from a sulky concrete object into a cozy, lightweight cottage. For this, warm wooden structures are added to the reinforced concrete structure. It is on them that the emphasis is made here.

Textured and constructive exterior accent wall ideas

Or, conversely, an element of roughness made of metal and concrete is added to a modest wooden dwelling. This is done to create a stunning ultra-fashionable look, and increase the reliability and strength of the object.

Textured and constructive exterior accent wall ideas

Home Exterior Accent Wall Ideas are a tool for creating a complete, stylish look for a building, enhancing its functionality. If it seems to you that something is missing in the design of the building, you should not immediately add decor, structures, complicate the architecture. Often it is enough to make one or several walls accent, tearing them out of the general concept. But at the same time, it is important to maintain harmony.

Textured and constructive exterior accent wall ideas

Best Wall Design For Home From Dallas

Private house apartments mean comfort in every area. Not the least role is played by the wall design for home.

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A home is a special place for every person. I want to come back here at any time, regardless of the weather. To make the house the best place on earth, put a piece of the soul into it. And then the house will turn into a truly native nest. If you are considering the design of the walls of a private house, you should carefully consider every moment. A competent rational approach will achieve the desired effect.

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Designers offer interesting ideas. Which ones to choose to implement? The task is not easy. Investment required. However, nobody canceled the good taste, because even with a modest foundation, you can create real beauty.

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Starting to design the walls of a private house, it is important to pay attention to such points:

  • choose the right stylistic direction of the interior;
  • focus on the features of walls and partitions;
  • use quality materials;
  • professional approach at every stage of work.


In modern architecture, the tendency toward rapprochement with nature prevails. Preference is given to natural, environmentally friendly materials. Natural shades are welcome. Warm, calm colors create an unobtrusive comfortable atmosphere. Presently look at live plants.

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People who like to engage in planting and caring for plants will surely make sure that both decorative and fruit specimens grow in their yard. Not necessarily rare, but quite ordinary. A harmonious combination of elegant aesthetics and practicality.


We recommend paying attention to this project. The owner of this apartment is an extraordinary nature. This can be said with confidence, even even though there was no personal acquaintance. All the cards are revealed by the architectural form and organization of space in the household.

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The house owner loves the fresh air and is interested in gardening. Not surprisingly, the building is surrounded by plants. Trees, bushes, and a lawn effectively complement each other, creating an original picture. Landscaping pleases the eye, causing sincere admiration. The fragrance of wildlife relaxes, distracting from the annoying noise inherent in the city.

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The building is one story. Correct clear geometric shapes. The facade is plain. Decorative classic black stucco. Not repulsive, not gloomy. The house plan includes a skylight. There are sliding glass doors and panoramic windows. They overlook the green areas of the site, revealing a colorful landscape, regardless of the time of year. The rooms in the house are well lit. Daylight penetrates through the windows, due to which the area visually increases. It creates the illusion of transparency, freedom, and lightness.


Architects made sure that each square meter performs a specific function. The windows look very presentable. Some areas have small special terraces. They are decorated with living plants and stylish armchairs. A great opportunity to have a good time in the fresh air. Immerse yourself in your thoughts or have nice conversations with relatives and friends. At night, the house looks like a puppet.

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The room creates a first impression of the home. This is a kind of business card of the whole house. For the design of the walls of the hallway of a private house, it is appropriate to choose white color. As scenery, it’s important to use paintings or murals. It needs built-in furniture to store things.

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To design the living room, it is appropriate to use calm tones. Although, it all depends on individual preferences. For example, laconic white walls and a large-scale panoramic window look very impressive. A couple of nice chairs and a neat coffee table will create a favorable environment for relaxation.

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In the living room, it is rational to put a fireplace. Its warmth will warm not only the body but also the soul, even on cold and foggy days.

Advice! Do not choose too bright and variegated colors for the walls in a private house. Juicy shades reduce space and quickly tire. Also, against such a background, some decor elements are simply “lost”. If you want mouth-watering colors, use them as a complement to the main tone. Get modern and creative!

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