Underground House Conceptual Design with Panoramas

The less you interfere with the scenic landscape during construction, the more you get in return when living in this area. Modern architecture is aimed at minimally disturbing the harmony created by nature. An underground house design is a way to disguise housing in a natural environment, making it virtually invisible.

underground house design

But at the same time, modern technologists make it possible to realize such an idea without compromising the comfort and openness of the space. Although the cottage presented is completely built into the hill, it is a complete, ergonomic housing, nothing like a dugout. We will consider below how this was achieved.

Underground house design with a perspective view

The main rule when building such a cottage is to build it on a slope, not on flat terrain. Due to this, it becomes possible to make the design of an underground house not even simple, but panoramic glazing with views of the horizon on each floor.

underground house design

You get bright, open living that is closely integrated with the natural surroundings. In this case, the owners chose a plot facing the sea. Due to this, they observe an incredible landscape from under the ground.

Terraces and exploited roofs in the underground house design

The roof of the house is an extension of the land plot directly above the dwelling. These are exploited green terraces reinforced with plants. And just below them, we see a dynamic, modern space with large outdoor areas for recreation and even a swimming pool.

underground house design

All of this is located below ground level and protected from wind gusts. At the same time, the forward space is completely open to the sea, and at a certain moment, the underground part passes into the aboveground one. But the feeling that you are underground do not arise here.

underground house design

Underground house design is a modern hideaway from the outside world, but at the same time it is closely related to the beautiful natural view, and not hidden from it. Living here, one manages to be left alone with nature, plunge into its majesty, and be almost invisible to the environment. At the same time, the functionality and comfort of the space will amaze even the most demanding owner. After all, living underground, you can swim right at home in the outdoor pool, admiring the sea to the horizon.

ArchitectsMOLD Architects
ImagesYiorgis Yerolymbos Panagiotis Voumvakis