Bungalow House – as a standard of Eco-Style

Modern architects have transformed a traditional bungalow home into luxury, spacious housing. This type of real estate is no longer perceived as a hut, but more associated with a luxurious mansion. Modern designs of bungalow houses have retained their main feature – it is environmentally friendly.

small modern bungalow house plans

During construction and during the creation of the interior, natural materials are almost completely used. This approach to home improvement is a modern trend. Consider the most daring tricks that made the bungalow a unique elite eco-friendly housing with an impressive interior and original configuration.

Bungalow House – Real Nature, Not Stylization

Imitation of wood, stone and other natural materials is not quite what a modern bungalow needs. As an example, we see that the introduction of structures, furniture and decoration from living brushwood, branches, boards, stones into the interior creates a truly natural atmosphere, which should be characterized by a house of this type.

small modern bungalow

In a modern eco-friendly interior, bungalows have found applications using linen fabrics, rugs, wooden structures, boards on the floor, windows, doorways, etc. Metal, concrete and stone will become the basis for such a house. Because of this, housing acquires some features of a country style – it is an integral part of the bungalow. Clothes hangers right on the wall, open shelving and emphasis on horizontal zoning will help to emphasize it.

mid century modern bungalow

Living tree interior

The most creative designers, when using bungalow plants in a house, do not stop at simply installing flowerpots with flowers. In this bungalow-style house, the trunk of a perennial tree has become one of the central elements of the kitchen. It runs along the entire height of the house from the floor to the roof.

modern bungalow house designs and floor plans

Tree trunks have become a feature of the bungalow interiors. Logs are used as floor beams, they are not hidden under the ceiling, but rather stand out, highlight. Therefore, when building a bungalow, do not rush to clean the tree that grows on the site of the future home. Perhaps he will be able to beat him in housing on the terrace.

modern bungalow house with roof deck
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To complement the house bungalows will help flowers in flowerpots. Living plants not only add freshness to the interior, but also make it brighter. Green color harmoniously looks with beige, wood, gray, white shades of wildlife.

modern bungalow designs and plans

The highest quality insolation

Modern designs of bungalow houses imply high-quality interior lighting with sunlight. Panoramic glazing, an open space in which zoning is used to separate functional areas, rather than partitions, will help.

modern elevated bungalow house designs

Backlight and lamps with a temperature as close to daylight as possible – 6000-6500 K will help get rid of dark corners and zones.

modern farmhouse bungalow

To make a modern bungalow house stylish, comfortable and preserve traditional features in it, it is important to get as close to naturalness and naturalness as possible. The disadvantage of a quality bungalow-style house is that it will cost a lot, but the costs fully justify themselves due to the pluses – exclusivity, a high level of comfort, a pleasant atmosphere, excellent tactile qualities of the surfaces, harmonious color palette and optimal microclimate.

modern style bungalow
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