7+ Modern Garden Ideas In A Narrow Courtyard

Narrow sections are not the most convenient in the context of planning, construction, arrangement of zones, and ergonomics. At first glance, it is not so easy to place everything you need for a comfortable life and relaxation here. But a rational, well-thought-out approach allows not only to make successful zoning but also to green the territory using shrubs and trees. Modern garden ideas in a narrow courtyard are solutions for intelligent space planning, creating a multi-tasking and versatile environment.

small walled courtyard garden ideas

Landscape designers are closely intertwining functional areas, creating practical and ergonomic courtyards with lush greenery and seating areas in cool shade from the trees.

Atmospheric garden ideas in a narrow courtyard

modern courtyard garden ideas

Very little space is used for the garden. But at the same time, it acts as an almost central element of landscape design. It is a natural oasis in the middle of a building that enlivens the space. Greenery refreshes the courtyard and overlooks the living area.

small courtyard gardens

The next solution is the arrangement of the garden around the perimeter of the site. A narrow strip of plants replaces the fence. In a compact yard, this decision affects rationality, since instead of a cramped, fenced space, you get a secluded corner, enveloped in wildlife.

small space small courtyard gardens

A long, narrow pool or artificial pond can be built between the house and the garden. This gives the courtyard a unique tropical or jungle atmosphere. In just a couple of hundred squares, a miniature ecosystem with places for recreation unfolds.

Garden in a narrow courtyard with a swimming pool

tiny courtyard garden ideas

The smartest methods create a self-sustaining environment on several hundred square meters with luxurious poolside seating areas. At the same time, separate clusters of space have been allocated for the arrangement of the garden. This solution allowed us to introduce greening into the landscape design in a metered manner, to focus on it, but not to use a lot of space for it.

tiny courtyard gardens

The integration of the garden with recreation areas looks especially impressive. One gets the impression that, in principle, the courtyard is arranged in a garden. Trees on the terrace, bushes around the pool. Moreover, this idea of a garden in a narrow courtyard has an important practical effect. Greenery cools the air, regulates the microclimate on the site, and in the recreation area, and creates a pleasant shade.

big ideas for a small courtyard garden

The designers and architects went even further in the next project, proposing an integrated idea of a garden in a narrow courtyard with architecture. A living corner in the local area seems to penetrate the building. Moreover, the internal space of the house was expanded by joining the terraces on the street. Close and rational interaction of zones, in which there is no clear demarcation, guarantees maximum comfort and spaciousness.