33+ Super Modern Courtyard Designs Inside House

In the architecture of the new generation, more and more often you can find spacious houses with a courtyard. This solution allows you to integrate housing with wildlife, fill it with fresh air and light. As a rule, this part of the local area is in close contact with the living space, almost forming a single space with it. In addition, modern courtyard ideas are a way to set up a completely private outdoor area.

courtyard inside house

A small enclosed area can be used for decorative purposes, to increase the openness of interior spaces and as a recreation area.

Functional Pool Courtyard Ideas

beautiful courtyards inside the house

The coolest interior design ideas include spectacular, ergonomic seating areas with direct access from the home. Often, an exit is made here through panoramic structures. By opening them, you literally attach the patio with terrace and pool to your living space.

courtyard inside home

This solution is distinguished by special ergonomics, looks elite and prestigious. Here you find yourself in a cozy patio surrounded by a house, where you will not be disturbed by the noise outside. Privacy also cannot be violated. An ideal place for a relaxing holiday, as well as for a party or family celebration.

Green Courtyard Design Inside House

open courtyard inside house

This is a more affordable, but quite attractive, cozy option for decorating a courtyard. You literally create a small garden practically in the house. Moreover, he is in the open air.

homes with courtyards in the center

Set up a place to relax here and get a quiet, peaceful corner, no matter where your home is, even in the middle of a metropolis. Fresh air, the natural atmosphere of the courtyard will penetrate and envelop the space in the house. You can equip the terrace and make panoramic glazing. This technique will allow you to integrate the living space with the garden as much as possible.

Inside Courtyard Ideas for Combining Buildings

small courtyard house

Modern fashionable solutions sometimes involve the construction of several cozy houses on the same territory. All buildings can belong to one family, a couple. It’s just that this style provides maximum contact with the environment, creates a special atmosphere and enhances privacy.

center courtyard house

The courtyards here act as connecting links between buildings. They should be as integrated with housing as possible. The transition from indoor to outdoor is made as inconspicuous as possible. It is necessary to achieve the effect of a single object, in which individual houses are connected by common courtyards.

open courtyard house

This idea of a courtyard takes modern architecture to a new level, where the environment and nature take an active part in the formation of the object. Exterior and interior are closely intertwined and sometimes it becomes difficult to know where you are – in the house or on the street.

Luxurious courtyard design inside house on the border of the jungle and the sea

Behind the edges of the trees, in the depths of the exotic nature of the Dominican Republic, hid a large, luxurious house with a modern-style courtyard. Just ten meters from the villa is the Caribbean coast. At the same time, the house itself is located in the forest, which provides a pleasant microclimate throughout the day both indoors and in outdoor recreation areas.

internal courtyard garden

The patio of the house is attached to the concept of the environment. It seems that the forest itself seems to have penetrated the architecture, filling the void. At the same time, living spaces are in close contact with the courtyard, the local area, and the seascape is visible from the windows. You can touch the exotic just from the rooms.

small indoor courtyard designs
walled courtyard garden

House with courtyard in the middle of two elements

The key point of the project was its location on the edge of the jungle, just in the place where the dense forest gives way to a wide coastline of sand. To one side of the house with a courtyard stretches a dense, extraordinarily beautiful green massif. And in the other stretched out access to one of the most attractive seas for recreation. The villa has become a key, transitional link between the two elements.

interior courtyard design ideas
interior courtyard ideas

At the same time, the house itself contains elements of a wild forest and a beach holiday. The outdoor terraces offer areas with sun loungers around the pool. This part of the object symbolizes proximity to the sea.

bunnings courtyard ideas
courtyard patio design

The courtyard, furniture and decoration with natural materials, including wood, have become elements of introducing the villa into the wild forest environment. This place was created to inspire majestic nature, affecting two worlds at once – sea and forest. Next to the singing of birds, the noise of foliage, raging waves are heard, a pleasant sea breeze is felt.

small indoor courtyard ideas
interior courtyard garden

Here, nature is ready to give maximum energy, charge the residents with strength in exchange for a caring attitude, which is just demonstrated in the project. The house was built with minimal interference with the environment, it uses natural, environmentally friendly materials.

Modern Courtyard Designs Inside House

The Incredible Potential of a Jungle Courtyard Home

The cottage on the edge of the forest is like a center where the energy of wildlife is concentrated. So that residents can draw water almost unlimitedly, there are zones and spaces for a variety of tasks and types of recreation. You can swim in the pool, sunbathe, enjoy a walk in the jungle along winding paths, do yoga, strength training, meditate and much more.

Modern Courtyard Designs Inside House
Modern Courtyard Designs Inside House

This is a habitable space in the middle of the jungle, which is maximally embedded in the atmospheric environment. Ancillary facilities for recreation, various sports, spa treatments have been built near the house. This approach ensures close contact between the person and the environment. Instead of just moving from room to room, you can walk to the desired location along an almost fabulous path.

Modern Courtyard Designs Inside House
Modern Courtyard Designs Inside House

Impressive in size, a luxurious house with a courtyard is an energy center, plunging into which you can recharge with the power of two elements at once.

Modern Courtyard Designs Inside House
ArchitectsYoung Projects
ImagesIwan Baan Karla Read

Modern Home With A High-Tech Courtyard

Nowadays, a person often strives for closeness with nature, but at the same time he is not ready to share space with others, he wants to have all this at his private disposal. A modern home with a courtyard helps to find a balance between such desires, in which nature has literally penetrated the architecture and remains inaccessible from the outside.

modern courtyard house

Enjoy the courtyard surrounded by buildings, relax on the terrace, open-air lawn, swim in the pool, fully maintaining your privacy.

The seclusion and openness of a modern house with a courtyard

The inner courtyard of the cottage is comfortably hidden from view from the outside, but at the same time it is in close contact with the outside world thanks to the large circular opening in the roof. The space is filled with daylight and fresh air, from here you can see the majestic tops of the trees, filling the atmosphere with the rustle of foliage.

A spacious modern house with a courtyard has become a person’s refuge from the hectic society right in the middle of the city. But at the same time you are left alone with nature, you can enjoy the fresh air and silence.

house with courtyard in the middle

The peculiarity of the architecture of the house is that here they departed from the usual idea of arranging a local area around the house, and created a house along the perimeter of the territory. The conceptual solution turned out to be practical, effective and comfortable for family living. The atrium with a lawn is the core of the project, from which all social and private spaces, recreation areas in the house and on the street depart.

The introduction of the local area into the architecture of a modern home with a courtyard

house with central courtyard

Thanks to the construction of a house around the site, it was possible to successfully combine the external space with the internal one. Contact can be traced through large panoramic windows, terraces, which smoothly turn into the living space. A modern home with a courtyard is in close contact with the territory, creating a single object with it. Architecture and landscape design complement each other.

Here concrete and living plants, walls and fresh air intertwine and coexist. Even with a minimum of space on the site, it was possible to create an oasis with a dynamic environment, in which conditions were created for different human needs. You can relax, play on your own lawn and even have a picnic, and immediately find yourself in a quiet, cozy room, which is literally a few meters away.

courtyard style homes

It is important that you get all this near the historical center of the city, with developed infrastructure and parks. Therefore, I did not have to flee from civilization. A competent approach allows you to create the most comfortable, private conditions even in an urban setting.

houses with interior courtyards

A large, spacious modern house with a courtyard demonstrates the disappearance of the border between the outside world and living space. It seems that this is a single secluded human habitat hidden from outside views.

ArchitectsAtelier Stepan

Luxurious courtyard design inside house & swimming pool on a compact plot

Often the main problem in the construction of a spacious family cottage is the lack of space on the site for all the necessary areas. A large two-story family house with a courtyard is a complex of volumes with living spaces, social areas, outdoor and indoor seating areas. The peculiarity of the project is that all these volumes are closely intertwined, creating a single, dynamic environment with everything necessary for a comfortable life in a compact area.

courtyard patio ideas

The cottage is built according to the latest trends. The architects provided for large windows, open spaces, close connection of different functional areas in the object. As a result, we get a spacious environment thought out for living and recreation.

contemporary courtyard garden

Dynamism of spaces in a house with a patio

A fairly small area between neighboring cottages has been allocated for the construction of the building. At the same time, the owners wanted to build a spacious house with a private outdoor seating area here. To realize such an idea, the architects had to think over the object in a comprehensive way, since there is not enough space for building a family cottage and arranging a separate backyard near it.

indoor courtyard garden

In this regard, almost the entire territory of the site is used as a house with a courtyard, which turned out to be literally built into the building. The courtyard with a swimming pool is surrounded by residential volumes on three sides. On each side there is a separate exit. The adjacent territory with a terrace is in close contact with the living space. Landscaping is provided on the site, due to which the effect of being outdoors is enhanced.

courtyard privacy ideas

Each volume around the courtyard with a swimming pool has its own purpose: for relaxation, cooking and eating, work, sleep. At the same time, from each zone there is a visual connection with the local area.

kitchen courtyard ideas

The privacy and comfort of a home with a courtyard

Although the cottage is located on a busy street and there are neighboring houses only a few meters away, the shape and configuration of the building provide a high level of privacy. The built-in patio remains visually inaccessible from the road and from the neighbors. It is surrounded by a building, so it maintains a quiet, comfortable atmosphere.

back courtyard ideas

In the cottage itself, most of the rooms and spaces are oriented towards a quiet courtyard, so they have a confidential atmosphere, silence, and comfort. The massive frontal part of the building from the road protects the interior of living rooms from noise, guaranteeing peace and quiet.

cool courtyard ideas

A solid house with a courtyard built of brick, which guarantees its strength and reliability. At the same time, large panoramic windows are installed in it for a close connection of the living space with the equipped adjacent territory with a swimming pool. The courtyard and the house create a single, inseparable, dynamic object, adapted for living and relaxing inside and outside the building.

courtyard pictures ideas
ArchitectsCONTENT Architecture
ImagesLeonid Furmansky

How to integrate inner courtyard house with a landscape

How to make a house with a courtyard as a whole, having achieved the openness of artificial space, but observing the privacy of housing and adjoining zones.

courtyard home

The architectural bureau Matt Fajkus Architecture presented a new house with a courtyard in Austin (USA), an area of 450 sq.m. The object became an example of what landscape design should be in order for the green house territory to satisfy the needs of a modern family and integrate successfully with a residential building in a trendy minimalist style.

house with courtyard in the middle

Consider the features of architecture and landscape, due to which the mansion has become especially comfortable for living.

modern courtyard house

U shaped house with courtyard – smooth transitions between the spaces of the house with a courtyard

The strict boundaries between the social areas inside the house and the outdoor seating areas are a thing of the past. Now, the more opportunities are provided for the integration of these spaces, the more practical they are.

courtyard style homes

From the side of the courtyard in the house made panoramic glazing – the structure can be opened. Behind them is a terrace. There is a practically barrier-free environment between the living room and the outdoor seating area. And a couple of meters from here is a swimming pool. The object looks like a whole – the outdoor recreation area has become a continuation of the internal social space.

homes with courtyards in the center

To further smooth the transition, a canopy is partially made over the terrace, which is essentially a continuation of the living room ceiling. Lighting here is made on the same principle as in the house.

center courtyard house

House with central courtyard – house and yard as a single private artificial object

The house with a courtyard is a single structure. Recreation areas, a pool and lawns with the house are not just on the ground, but on the so-called podium or terrace. Such a technique made it possible to integrate the house landscape and the building with each other even more.

traditional courtyard house

The main functional areas of the courtyard are closely combined directly with housing. And due to the U-shaped form of the building, this house territory turns out to be surrounded by it. The peculiarity of this reception is that the courtyard is closed from the outside, the only open part of this house space facing the garden. But even from this side, architects managed to achieve maximum privacy of the adjacent recreation areas. But they offer impressive panoramic views.

house with internal courtyard

Due to the retaining wall, which forms a kind of podium or terrace with a house with a courtyard, the entire private territory has a clear border. Due to its elevated position, the building and adjoining recreation areas are not visible from the garden. For even greater privacy, small trees are planted on the retaining wall. They also play an important aesthetic function – the design of the entire site focuses on wildlife, landscaping, environmental friendliness and naturalness.

home with courtyard in middle

The presented project is an example of how to make housing and adjoining recreation areas open and comfortable, but at the same time achieve their privacy. The house, together with the courtyard, is a single self-contained artificial space that does not have strict boundaries between itself, but is clearly separated from the outside world.

Architects Matt Fajkus Architecture
Photo Charles Davis Smith Spaces & Faces Photography

Small beautiful house with a courtyard on a small plot

The task of the architects was to build housing for family members of three generations. Here, spaces were needed for a woman, a child and a grandfather. Such a composition of the family required a special approach to the division of residential areas and ensuring a high level of privacy for each tenant. In addition, the task was complicated by the miniaturization of the site, the area of ​​which is only 200 square meters. m. Therefore, it was decided to build a beautiful little house with a courtyard separating the living spaces.

Small beautiful house with a courtyard

The object consists of three small buildings, united together by a small patio. A large part of the site is allocated for development, and the remaining area is rationally used for arranging adjacent recreation areas and walkways.

Small beautiful house with a courtyard

Extraordinary layout of a small beautiful house with a courtyard

Instead of a traditional house with rooms, separate buildings were erected, connected by walkways through the patio. Each family member gets their own, local space with a separate bedroom, seating area, bathroom.

Small beautiful house with a courtyard

In the central, largest building, there is a kitchen and a living room. For convenience, the space is arranged according to the principle of a studio on the ground floor. On the second level is the owner’s bedroom.

Small beautiful house with a courtyard

It turns out that the house is divided into separate blocks for each tenant. But at the same time, there is a connection between family members. This is due to the proximity of the buildings, panoramic glazing, due to which visual contact between the buildings is maintained. In addition, common social spaces are located in the main block, so residents can always spend time together.

Small beautiful house with a courtyard

Over the paths between the houses there are awnings. It also creates the effect of object integrity. Due to the roof, you can comfortably move from one room to another in any weather.

Small beautiful house with a courtyard

The openness and comfort of a small beautiful house with a courtyard

Due to the fact that a small beautiful house with a courtyard is represented by three separate buildings, each of them received high-quality lighting from different sides and ventilation. Due to the panoramic glazing from the premises, impressive views of the surrounding territories open up, the living space receives a large amount of daylight.

Small beautiful house with a courtyard

Ecological, natural materials, including wood, stone, bamboo, were used in the construction of the facility. The interior and exterior look soft, fresh, comfortable for living and relaxing. It is felt that nature is directly related to the creation of an object.

Small beautiful house with a courtyard

A small beautiful house with a courtyard is distinguished by seclusion, comfort, homeliness due to a simple, relaxed atmosphere. The patio is visually and functionally closely related to the social spaces in the home. At the same time, it remains closed from external access, as it is located between buildings.

Small beautiful house with a courtyard
ImagesRoberto Dambrosio