Small & Beautiful Country House for Family Holidays

The architectural bureau CIA Design Studio presented a comfortable beautiful country house for a family, adapted for living in a hot and humid climate.

beautiful country house: exterior photo

This is a spacious home for a couple with two children – three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a spacious social area with a kitchen, and direct access to the natural environment.

Close contact of a beautiful country house with nature

The house is located in the Tam Anh district of Vietnam. It has a monsoon climate characterized by sharp changes in humidity and high temperatures.

beautiful country house: kitchen photo

For the natural balance of the microclimate in the house and to create comfortable conditions throughout the year, the cottage is in close contact with the local flora. For this, an atrium with an artificial reservoir, live trees, and shrubs is provided in the central part of the house.

beautiful country house: exit to the veranda

Air currents constantly circulate through the living space, it stays fresh and clean throughout the day in any weather. Natural materials in decoration such as stone, and wood also help to make the microclimate more pleasant.

Openness and freshness of the space of a beautiful country house

The living room, which provided the main part of the house, has sliding wooden doors, and panoramic window structures. Through them, you can not only admire the views but also have direct contact with the environment.

beautiful country house: windows to the floor

Private spaces are located in a separate part of the house behind the atrium. They are more confidential, but still, quite open not only for the view but also for air circulation, and cooling due to the reservoir.

beautiful country house: bedroom

In general, the beautiful suburban house in the photo is a balanced, well-ventilated living space. The structure was designed so that the premises were filled with daylight, but at the same time it was not too hot and stuffy here. Sunlight enters the windows, partially lingering behind the living vegetation – this makes it less scorching and refreshes.

ArchitectsCIA Design Studio
PhotoQuang Dam