Mobile Very Small House for Temporary Rest in the Country

A very small house of mobile type, as an average alternative to a tent and a country cottage – what are the advantages.

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The conceptual mobile and very small holiday home were presented by the architectural bureau dmvA architects. The cabin has an area of only 12 square meters – this is an ultra-compact space in which it was possible to do everything necessary not only for comfortable and safe country living but also to observe a modern minimalist style.

A modern alternative to a very small country house, but unlike the latter, the presented cabin can be translated almost like a tent. Such a house can be taken out to the countryside, to the mountains, to the sea. You will be able to transport the object on the back of a truck or a trailer. In the house you can live far from civilization, tourists, and hotels, having at your disposal all the amenities. Design mobility is the main feature and advantage of the device. But at the same time he is characterized by the following:

Very small house design 👉 Self-sufficiency of a very small house

With dimensions of 6 × 2 meters, the cabin fully replaces housing – it has a bathroom, bed, and shower. Moreover, all this occupies only the 4th part of the area, and the remaining 9 square meters – free space in which there is enough space for a compact kitchen area, dining table, and workplace. With the furniture removed, you can play sports, relax, and play. The house has enough space for another bed. If it is two-story, 4 people will be able to sleep here right away.

The architects managed to achieve spaciousness due to competent space planning. At a height of 3.4 meters, two levels were made in the building – the sleeping place is located above, above the toilet and shower. Therefore, the bed here does not occupy free space.

Very small homes 👉 Lightness and structural strength

This very small house consists of wooden modules pulled together with tension ropes. The design is made in such a way that when lifting the house and loading it onto vehicles, the cables pull the components even more tightly.

The building has insulation, so it can be operated in different climates and different weather conditions. All surfaces are lined with wood – naturalness and environmental friendliness to the details. The tree provides sufficient strength to the building with low weight, and a comfortable, cozy atmosphere is created inside.

Very tiny house 👉 View features in the best hotel

The front facade wall is made in the form of panoramic glazing. By positioning the building with this part in the direction of a better view, you can enjoy the panorama directly from your bed. The panoramic window can be opened – in the heat of the room there will always be fresh air. On the opposite side of the house there is another, but already small door – if it is cool outside, it is convenient to use it without letting out heat from the inside through a large panoramic structure.

The conceptual very small house has become an interesting option for lovers of travel, and wildlife who value comfort and safety. It will fully replace the hotel room, even at the end of the world.

PhotoBart Gosselin