5+ Eco-Friendly Modern Cabin Style Homes You’ll Want to Escape To

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12+ Must-See Open Concept Small Cabin Loft Ideas for Maximum Space

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6+ Charming Small Cabin Interior Ideas to Create Your Dream Escape

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Small Wonder: Building Your Dream Tiny Timber Frame House

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20 Small House Entrance Lobby Design Ideas for Maximum Functionality

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Industrial Chic: Designing Small Metal Cabins with Style

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Design Your Dream Small Cabin House and Escape to Your Own Tiny Paradise

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Tree houses are special constructions that bring together the best of both worlds – nature and architecture. They provide a unique retreat for us to explore and appreciate both the beauty of nature and the creativity of human invention. Tree houses also offer an ideal opportunity for homeowners to customize their own space. From convenient … Read more

Innovative Small House Design Inside & Outside

Outwardly, the outline of the house from the architectural bureau Duda Porto Arquitetura resembles the simplest building, almost the same as the children used to draw in kindergarten. Gable roof, rectangular facade. The elementary design of a country house for a couple is reflected in the comfort and family atmosphere. But at the same time, … Read more

Small Wooden House Design on a Steep Slope

The modern design of a small wooden house on a steep slope by architecture firm DARP shows how to integrate modern living into nature. The house is harmoniously played amid forest and mountains, and its architecture made it possible to benefit from the seemingly inconvenient location of the building. The modern design of a small … Read more

4+ Mobile Ultra Mini Cottages As An Example Of Modern Housing

Creative architectural firms do not stop offering ever more compact and functional miniature cottages for summer cottages. These mobile structures are much more comfortable than a tent. You can always transport them in a truck or on a car trailer to any convenient place. Consider 4 options for conceptual ultra-compact houses for outdoor recreation, travel, … Read more

Inexpensive Wooden One Storey House with Interesting Roof Shape

A limited budget is not yet a reason to abandon trendy ideas in the construction of suburban housing. Architectural bureau Duarte Fournies Arquitectos presented a small wooden one-story house with an interesting roof shape, corresponding to fashionable trends in housing construction for little money. The object was built of wood using frame technology, which made … Read more

Beautiful Small Modern Barnhouse Style House

A Barnhouse is not always hundreds of square meters of living space under a high gable roof. The architectural bureau ValArch Atelier presented a fairly compact beautiful small house with an area of 150 sq. m in the appropriate style in compliance with modern design trends. Located in the countryside, the cottage harmoniously blends into … Read more

Small & Beautiful Country House for Family Holidays

The architectural bureau CIA Design Studio presented a comfortable beautiful country house for a family, adapted for living in a hot and humid climate. This is a spacious home for a couple with two children – three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a spacious social area with a kitchen, and direct access to the natural environment. … Read more

Rustic Tiny House Design In The Middle Of A Rural Landscape

Surrounded by meadows, agricultural buildings, and lands, there is a small house for living and recreation. The object was supposed to complement the existing experience in this area. Therefore, the architects chose the design of a beautiful tiny house in a rustic style, which they diluted and modernized with new, trendy solutions, including panoramic windows … Read more

Colorful Small House Project with Panoramic Windows & Patio

A small narrow plot with an old building in the historic center of the city was allocated for the construction of the house. The architects wanted to preserve the existing flavor and atmosphere here. Therefore, it was decided to improve the existing facility. The project of a small house with panoramic glazing includes the old … Read more

Small Stone House with Plywood Wall Cladding

The task of the architects was to turn the old building, squeezed between buildings, into a comfortable family nest with a cozy homely atmosphere. A small stone house was turned into a bright, spacious home. A special role in the setting, the atmosphere is played by wall cladding with plywood. The concept included ceilings and … Read more

Small Flat Roof House on the Brazilian Slope as a Standard of Modern Trends

Architectural bureau Gustavo Penna Arquiteto e Associados has presented a modern small house with a flat roof on a hillside in the scenic area of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. This facility embodies several elements, followed by chasing the design and construction of a small suburban housing. SELF-SUFFICIENCY AT COMPACTITY The area of the … Read more

The Most Beautiful Small House in the Wild

Modern ideas of sustainable, nature-integrated housing go beyond the boundaries of understanding in the context of traditional architecture. We receive volumes and spaces from natural materials that closely coexist with trendy solutions such as panoramic glazing and open floor plans. And at the same time, they are intertwined with wildlife, the environment. The most beautiful … Read more