Children’s Bedroom Ideas for Perspective or Design by Age: Architect Tips

Making a bright and mischievous space for children is always pleasant and easy, in the case when parents are open and always ready for dialogue, and their children will most clearly tell and show the designer what they love and what they like in life. Children’s room is like an apartment in the apartment.

Children's Bedroom Ideas

Here the child spends a lot of time. His room is also a place to sleep, to study and for leisure, despite the fact that the space, as a rule, does not exceed 18-25 square meters. Therefore, the design of this zone should be approached with extreme responsibility and attention.

The basic rules for the interior of the children’s room, or where to start

When thinking about a nursery plan, start with practical questions: what will your child do in his room? Where will store your stuff? Would he be comfortable and would not some of the things in his room pose a potential danger?

Childrens Bedroom Interiors

Essentially important are aesthetic requirements. Before you paste over a children’s room with wallpaper depicting cartoon monsters, consider carefully whether the child will be comfortable and relaxed in such an environment. Well study the interests of your baby, his favorite cartoon and fairy tale characters.

Security and zoning

Registration of a nursery has two distinctive features. Firstly, children grow up very quickly, and their interests and hobbies change no less quickly. Secondly, when choosing materials for a nursery, you must subject them to a dative check. It is best to give preference to natural materials (textile wallpaper, water-based paints, flooring)

Childrens Bedroom Themes

As for the safety of the child, a lot depends on his age. Potentially dangerous are sockets, wires, heating radiators (the possibility of burns), lights (if the glass can drop it when it falls, it can hurt the child) and panoramic windows (pay attention to the metal grilles, they are safer in case of fire and easier to remove).

With no less attention is to approach the choice of furniture. It should be exclusively from natural materials, (when choosing chipboard and MDF, pay attention to the composition of the adhesive tyrsoplity). It should also be stable, without sharp corners and rough surfaces. Do not use glass and breakable materials.

Children’s room interior by age

Before you make a children’s room, pay attention to the fact that for each age of the child there are significant differences. They can be divided into three main groups: a room for a baby (from 0 to 4 years old), a room for a preschooler (from 4 to 6 years old) and a room for a teenager (from 6 to 14 years old). Just want to note that these interiors are significantly different from each other, and also have their own characteristics in the design and placement of furniture.

Baby room

If you want your child to be healthy, safe and comfortable, it’s very important to think about practical issues.

Safety is the most important component for an infant’s room.

It should be remembered that a tiny baby grows pretty quickly and shows an immoderate curiosity towards everything around. Try to use a minimum of sockets, the rest close the plugs.

Childrens Bedroom Images

Also take care of the temperature. The best option would be radiators with temperature control. It is best to hide the radiator behind a screen or a decorative panel. It is desirable to place the baby’s crib in a meter or two from the heater, and to avoid overheating.

When the baby is still quite small, there should not be a lot of furniture in the room: a chest of drawers with drawers (the top of the chest can be used as a changing table), a cot and a soft chair for the nursing mother.

Childrens Bedroom Inspiration

Decorative shelves will be a good attribute for photos, toys and children’s books. Do not forget about the table on the wheels for clothing, diapers and hygiene items. When the baby is a little older, the room can be supplemented with a wardrobe and playpen.

To finish the walls is best to choose a smooth environmental paint. Drawings, stencils, paper cuttings – all these decorations can arouse the imagination of the child. Prefer warm and bright shades, avoiding dark open colors.

Best Childrens Bedroom Ideas

A hardwood flooring is best suited for the floor, laminate and linoleum on a soft base would be a more economical option.

Do not forget about the mat on which your baby will play (choose soft mats made from natural nap and are easy to wash). Blackout curtains or French blinds will help your baby fall asleep in the evening, and will not let you wake up at dawn.

Room for a preschooler

In order for parents to be calm while their child spends time in his room, under supervision and without supervision, they need to know that their child will not harm himself, will not break anything and will be able to occupy himself for a long time. It must be remembered that at this age the child is a bundle of energy and its attention is very difficult to keep for a long time on one thing, so combining all the requirements in one room will not be easy.

Childrens Bedroom Theme Ideas

By creating zones for different activities, you will help your child organize his day when he moves from one activity to another. Divide the room into the following areas: a place to sleep (it’s best to choose a corner or a wall), a place to store toys and creative objects, a place to play and a place to rest (home theater, quiet reading or watching a cartoon).

In order to maintain relative order in a room, more lockers and boxes will be needed. Toys, books and games can be stored in boxes on wheels.

Older Childrens Bedroom Ideas

Making a game zone can be a real entertainment for you! You yourself will be surprised how much interesting things can be made from fabric, furniture stapler, MDF panels and paint cans.

Create a fabulous house, a camp for the Indians or a circus tent.

Use bright colors and decorative stickers. Ask your child to choose the theme for the arrangement of the play area, this will help him to develop his thinking and design his personal space that suits him.

Adolescent room

Perhaps you are very lucky and you have a calm and exemplary teenager who is always obedient and does not break anything anywhere. But it is likely that you belong to those numerous families where almost uncontrollable adolescents grow up. Most often, he will not keep clean, make a lot of noise and “repair” all the objects around him. Adolescence is a time of experimentation.

Simple Childrens Bedroom Ideas

It is very important that the teenager himself makes the decision on decorating the room and arranging objects important to it in it. In this case, you can achieve an approximate order and the like of purity.

As in the room for a preschooler, in the room of a teenager it would be good to create zones for various activities. It is good to provide a bedside lamp in the sleeping area, as well as an additional place for out-of-night friends (a mobile bed or a sofa, on which you can sit during the day).

Childrens Bedroom Ideas Pictures

The best place to practice is by the window; next you need to place several electrical outlets and an additional light source. In this area there should be enough space for the working surface, as well as space for storing books and notebooks.

For wardrobe it is also important to allocate enough space. After all, teenagers often pay more attention to their clothing and style. Alternatively, you can use large wardrobes, with a large full-length mirror. Believe that a teenager will go there very often.

Decor elements (photos and posters) teenagers change very often, because the best option for the walls will be painting. So your child will be able to change his interior at his own discretion and mood. Neutral on the subject of decorative fabrics (curtains, bedspreads, pillows) will allow the situation to last longer. A thick sweat carpet with a thick base will help to slightly dampen the noise in the room.

Pics Of Childrens Bedrooms

Flexibility is the key word for room design for a teenager. Furniture is best to take mobile (bed with extra bed or drawers). The desk is large enough with a pedestal on the wheels. It is good if there is a place for sports in the room (a wall or a couple of sports attributes).

And remember, for adolescence, emotions, music, friends, and sports and cinema are an important part of their lives. Give your child space for self-expression. Plan together with him their corner so that he feels confident there and in “his plate”