Compact & Stylish Small One Storey House

Not everyone can take root in a large and noisy metropolis. Everyone has his own reasons for this. And, if you are attracted to secluded and quiet areas, choose housing there. Of course, this will attract positive changes in your life, filling it with new meaning. Choose a beautiful small one-story house. Such buildings have several advantages, ideal for families with children.

small 1 story house

Thanks to the competent layout of the site, all members of the family will feel comfortable. It is important to think through every nuance, so that you can calmly do household chores and have fun.

small single story house

Project Features

We recommend paying attention to the design of a small one-story house. It implies the presence of all zones that are necessary for a full life. Despite the not so large area, there is where to accommodate both adults and younger family members.

Small one-story house design

There is:

  • living room;
  • bedrooms;
  • kitchen;
  • a bathroom.

The floor plan consists of two blocks: an open living room with high ceilings 4.5 meters wide and bedrooms. A carport is provided. This allows you to minimize the influence of external factors on the vehicle, providing it with the necessary protection.

Small one-story house plan

Freedom that inspires

A small one-story house has a high level of functionality. Children feel very comfortable here and, unlike a small city apartment, where there is nowhere to turn around. After all, you can find yourself an occupation in the house or boldly go to the yard, staying in the fresh air, playing active games. At the same time, without disturbing and enjoying the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. The residence with a one-story house with an area of just over 200 square meters is ideal for family gatherings that can be arranged at any time of the year. No stiffness, sheer freedom, which inspires and allows you to breathe freely.

Small modern one-story houses

Let us get closer to how a small one-story house inside looks. Informative and vibrant photos will make up the right impression of every corner.

Living room

The room has a creative design. Attention is concentrated on the wall, which resembles a maze. Shelves are placed here, on which not only decor elements fit, but also those things that are regularly in demand. These are books, notebooks and all that is needed for creativity. Living plants that are also placed on shelves look no less impressive.

small one floor house

It is convenient to prepare lessons at the table. Its dimensions are designed for two children.

one storey small house design

In the center of the room is a cozy sofa with colorful pillows. On the floor is a rug with a geometric pattern. All these details harmoniously complement each other, creating a pleasant and homely atmosphere.


The kitchen is dominated by light shades. White ceiling, coffee floor are clearly combined. Original fixtures provide the desired level of light in a particular area. The arrangement of the premises implies the presence of the necessary furniture. The work area is well planned, so the hostess will always have everything you need at hand.

small one story house plans

In the center of the room is a table and chairs. This is one of the main places in the kitchen, because it is here that the whole family gathers quite often. Shades of furniture are calm, not catchy. Black, brown and blotches of orange stand out. Each room has its own characteristics. In this case, the presence of elements that would seem superfluous is not observed.

small single story house plans

Closer to nature

The facade of a small one-story house is characterized by the same conciseness as indoors. Gray concrete does not look boring, because there is an originality of architectural forms and the presence of a brown wall. The building is located on a kind of lawn decorated with an alley of bushes and flower glades. There are platforms and paths that allow you to move freely and care for plants as needed. One large tree complements the overall picture, allowing you to feel closer to nature.

small 1 story house plans

Harmony of practicality and simplicity

This project of a small one-story house has a high level of practicality. It is modest in appearance, which is typical of most modern buildings. Simplicity is especially appreciated and at the same time it has great potential.

Advice! With a great desire, the owners of the house will be able to do everything so that the facade will sparkle with new colors. If the concrete color ceases to like, it can be replaced with another brighter shade. You only need to work hard and do everything right so that the result does not disappoint.

It is noteworthy that the canopy creates an interesting area for relaxation. Regardless of the weather, you can put a table and chairs and spend time in a circle of loved ones. Sun rays or raindrops will not interfere, you will be outdoors, feeling comfortable and safe.

small one floor house plans

Everything for a full life

In developing the plan of the house, the architects tried to provide comfort not only for adults, but also for children. Of course, they are growing rapidly, their needs are changing, but if there is space for each child, it can always be adjusted. Changing the color of walls or furniture is much easier than starting to redevelop the area.

Small one-story house with a terrace

On the site you can plant not only a lot – but also annual flowers. It is interesting to observe their growth and they will delight the eye with their magnificent flowering. It is interesting to observe their growth. There is a place for landing on the site and this opens up great opportunities. After all, here you can also build a swing, arranging a zone for hanging out with children. In a word, fantasize, but do not overdo it.

small single floor house design
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