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Fireplace Mobile Home Architect Olsen Kandin’s small mobile home is a large enough mobile home for all-season living. Unlike the usual mobile houses, one of the main elements of the furnishings here is a fireplace.

exterior of the mobile home

And this was not the only impressive feature of the project – let’s take a closer look.

Views and the warm, welcoming atmosphere of your mobile home

Olsen Kandin’s mobile homes are filled with the romance of suburban life. They are suitable for living on the lakeside, in the mountains, in the forest or near the ocean in winter and summer.

mobile home on wheels in winter

This is not a closed box, but an open, living space – sitting by the wood-burning fireplace, you can admire the picturesque views outside the windows.

fireplace in a mobile home

But at the same time, inside you will always feel home comfort and warmth. This is facilitated by the soft, serene environment.

The functionality of a mobile home on wheels

In addition to the fireplace, the house has one more feature that is, in principle, only characteristic of capital buildings – this is a terrace. The mobile home is best suited for living in a beautiful natural environment.

metal mobile home

Moreover, the terrace is located under a canopy and has direct access from the living space. The site runs along the entire perimeter of the facility.

Comfortable microclimate as the basis of mobile housing on wheels from Olsen Kandin

The architect designed the dwelling so that it would be warm in winter and would not turn into a red-hot “stove” under hot sunlight. Most of the panoramic glazing, due to which the room is flooded with natural light, is located under a wide roof.

parking lot mobile home

The mobile home on wheels shown in the photo is a revolutionary solution for those looking for new emotions, striving for an atypical vacation surrounded by nature, but at the same time appreciating the coziness and comfort of traditional housing with a fireplace and beautiful panoramic views.

ArchitectsOlson Kundig
PhotoTim Bies / Olson KundigChad Kirkpatrick / Olson KundigDerek Pirozzi / Olson Kundig