5 Reasons to Build a Prefab House for a Summer Residence / Oz House

The requirements for suburban housing for seasonal living are not as stringent as for buildings for permanent residence. In this regard, the construction of prefabricated houses from modular wooden structures gained popularity here. Such cottages are built from finished components as a designer.

Consider 5 reasons why building a prefabricated country house on a suburban area is an appropriate solution for the mass market.

prefabricated summer house is a low construction cost

5 Reasons to Build a Prefab House for a Summer Residence / Oz House

The elementary design of the house, the minimum cost of work, the ease of the building and the lack of a massive foundation. A cottage is at least half cheaper than a similar brick building. At the same time, outwardly and in terms of performance, a competently implemented object is not inferior to real estate of the elite segment.

prefabricated houses for a summer residence – minimal maintenance required

The metal frame of the building and the protective wall panels are maintenance free. A prefabricated frame house for a summer residence can be left for six months or a year, until the next season unattended, and it will stand on its own without changes. At the same time, the house looks stylish and corresponds to the trends of private housing construction. The building can be implemented in any color. The presented cottage is distinguished by the expressive blue tone of the building envelope.

prefabricated country house is a fashionable architecture

5 Reasons to Build a Prefab House for a Summer Residence / Oz House

In a prefabricated frame house, without problems, you can install panoramic glazing along the entire wall, arrange free, open spaces. To do this, you do not need to build massive and expensive monolithic structures. The configuration of the house meets the needs of a modern family – openness, spaciousness, good insolation and ergonomics. The presented house has an open plan and is literally viewed through. It has large windows on the floor. All this did not have to spend a lot of money.

prefabricated house for a summer residence is the possibility of construction without the use of special equipment

5 Reasons to Build a Prefab House for a Summer Residence / Oz House

For the construction of a frame country prefabricated house, a crane will need a maximum. The building is assembled almost by hand using a basic set of tools. This makes it possible to build in inaccessible places, in remote areas, hills. The presented country prefab house is located on a hillside near São Paulo (Brazil). It’s not very convenient to use overall construction equipment here, so the decision to build a prefabricated cottage was suitable.

prefabricated house for the cottage is practicality for seasonal use

5 Reasons to Build a Prefab House for a Summer Residence / Oz House

The house for temporary residence should quickly warm up in cold weather and not let heat in during the heat. Arriving here in winter, the owners heat the building to a comfortable temperature in a couple of hours. In a brick or reinforced concrete building, this takes a day. Having visited the frame house in the summer, the owners will be in a fresh, cool room. Minimal use of the air conditioner will help maintain a comfortable temperature.

The construction of a frame prefabricated house in a summer cottage is justified by the cost-effectiveness of the technologist, the practicality of housing, the possibility of realizing the modern configuration of the building almost by hand. This cottage is convenient for seasonal use. At the same time, the architecture of the building is in line with current trends.

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