21+ High Ceiling Modern House Designs

Ceilings of 4-6 meters have become an integral part of elite suburban housing. With the right interior design in such rooms, the atmosphere and scale are breathtaking. But unlike the classics, when this space was filled with massive, pretentious elements of decor, structures, and furniture, achieving majesty, the modern design of a house with high ceilings implies rationality, simplicity, and openness. Now we are not afraid to leave emptiness, and even, on the contrary, we focus attention on it, which allows us to emphasize the spaciousness and comfort of housing.

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All this volume must be made light, light, to achieve a pleasant, friendly atmosphere in it. Consider the techniques that help achieve the following effect.

Simple Scandinavian modern home design with high ceilings

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One of the best tricks for creating a comfortable, homely, modernly stylish, practical environment in a house with large open volumes is the use of the Scandinavian style. Lightness, naturalness, environmental friendliness, and a lot of light have become the dominant characteristics of the interior.

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At the same time, the modern design of the house with high ceilings fills the space with a special atmosphere. It is especially well emphasized if the window overlooks a panoramic view of the natural landscape.

Minimalism in modern home design with high ceilings

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Do not be afraid that without rich decor, a large number of functional elements, and furniture, the space will look dull and dry. A few accents are enough and a bright, open space turns into a comfortable human environment.

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In this case, it is recommended to use only neutral and natural tones. White colors become a versatile canvas for the integration of stone, wood, and glass.

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To minimize the effect of emptiness, the high ceiling itself can also be made in contrast, trimmed with boards, or laminate. Complement it with appropriate materials in your interior by using them on floors, furniture, or other surfaces.

Light and modern home design with high ceilings

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A prerequisite for the design of large spaces in a modern style is high-quality natural lighting. The room should receive enough light, and look light and open.

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If there is a second light, large panoramic glazing can be made here on two floors. The space not only receives a sufficient amount of light but also closely contacts the environment, expanding visually.

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It is even better to use large panoramic windows from two or more sides in a modern design of a house with high ceilings. So the space will be minimally shaded and will receive uniform natural lighting, which will affect the comfort in its perception. The room will visually become light, and open.

3+ Stunning High Ceiling Living Room Design Ideas

The spacious living room with high ceilings is an object for the implementation of the most unusual, impressive solutions in the context of space design. You don’t have to compromise here to save space. And the very design ideas for a living room with high ceilings can be aimed at creating a special colorful, majestic atmosphere or home comfort – this already depends on the preferences of the owner.

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The following solutions demonstrate how to transform the main social space of the home into a multi-functional environment with a strikingly rich atmosphere.

Barn Style Living Room Idea with High Ceilings

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The high gable ceiling is a real find for connoisseurs of tradition. Here you can recreate the atmosphere of centuries-old classic housing in a simple, folk style. The beams help to emphasize the appropriate atmosphere. At the same time, due to the high ceiling, they do not press, visually do not clutter up the space, but, on the contrary, fill the void with themselves.

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Panoramic glazing adds a special sophistication and atmosphere to the space. From the back of the house toward the natural landscapes, a large panoramic window is made over the entire wall. This technique made it possible to emphasize the close interaction of the interior made of natural materials with the environment.

Scandinavian Style Living Room Idea with High Ceilings

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The next room design option looks like a cross between an atmospheric traditional house and a modern cottage. With the comfort, lightness, and rationality of the space, which corresponds to the current trends, the space is filled with the motives of classic rural housing.

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Beams in this case are one of the main design ideas in a living room with high ceilings. Thanks to the height of the room, they can be installed without any problems. At the same time, they emphasize the atmosphere, but do not interfere, and do not create discomfort.

small high ceiling living room

In general, the roof structure remains open and visible from the inside of the room, which also affects the tradition of motives in the design of housing. The emphasis is on environmental friendliness.

Luxurious eclecticism as an idea for a living room with high ceilings

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The high ceiling in the living room is an opportunity to use a massive classic chandelier, decorate the space with art objects, and at the same time use large modern furniture here. The finish blends seamlessly from a modern gray floor to an atmospheric barn-style ceiling. Together, all this creates a dynamic, rich space. And the idea was realized precisely due to the spaciousness of the room, its openness, and high ceilings.

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Thus, the ideas presented for a living room with high ceilings are mainly aimed at creating a colorful, exciting atmosphere. And with the functionality and comfort of space, there are no difficulties due to the spaciousness and height.

3+ Tips for How to Design High Ceiling Walls

High ceilings in the house in the context of interior design are considered an undeniable advantage. The owners have ample opportunities in terms of housing design, creating a spectacular, atmospheric environment. But for the high ceiling wall design to be successful, it is important to follow several rules and recommendations.

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You should expose high ceilings in an attractive light, put an emphasis on this, and emphasize the quality of housing since it is the height that is one of the most important indicators of status.

Zoning in the high ceiling wall design

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Divide the wall visually into three levels. The first one will be basic – up to a meter. Depending on the purpose of the room, you can even use a special, practical finish here. At this height, furniture is installed under the walls – cabinets, dressers, tables. The second level can be made functional or aesthetic by placing shelves, TV, paintings, decor, and lamps here.

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The third level is free. It should be left blank. It is needed to accentuate the height and volume of space. It can even be separated by a cornice. It is this part of the wall that brings us to the high ceiling, so it can be visually connected with it using the same finish, the same cornices, beams, and other elements.

Laconicism and massiveness in the high ceiling wall design

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Thanks to the high ceilings, we have a large wall area, and you can place almost anything on them. But do not rush to use a lot of decors, jewelry, shelves, shelves. Even the classics, and not that modern styles, do not like excesses. It is better to use less decor and decorations but focus on their massiveness.

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A large, expressive cornice, a rough, solid stone finish, or a large painting will look much more impressive than an abundance of small elements for interior decoration. It’s perfectly okay to leave most of the wall blank with the right accents. This will create a sense of grandeur, and spaciousness. And oversaturation will provide the opposite effect – the space will seem overloaded, not so light, and free.

Accent in the design of walls with high ceilings

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Walls can be highlighted with color and texture. This will not only make the ceiling more expressive, which is especially important in the design of the structure but also emphasize the height of the room. The accent can be done on one wall or several at once.

decorating walls with high ceilings

The modern design of the walls with high ceilings allows you to maximize the potential of the space, emphasize lightness, and emphasize the spaciousness of the room. The home is filled with air. In this case, the walls lead us to the expressive structure of the ceiling – at a high height there is an opportunity to make beams, install a massive chandelier or apply other solutions.

High Ceilings with Wooden Beams in Interior Design

The spacious living space with high ceilings loves massive décor and aesthetics. But in a modern interior, the decor should also be functional, and not just for beauty. In this regard, in a house with large open spaces, it makes sense to make an atmospheric ceiling with wooden beams.

high ceiling with wood beams

It acts as a spectacular decorative structure. At the same time, solid timber elements are the most important components of the roof in a functional context. The furnishings, in turn, are characterized by simplicity and a special, cozy atmosphere.

High Ceiling Effect With Wooden Beams

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The high, solid wood-beamed ceilings make the living space look majestic and fashionable. Natural materials emphasize a comfortable, cozy atmosphere.

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A wooden ceiling is almost the central tool for creating a clean, sustainable space. The dwelling is filled with natural shades, which has a positive effect on its visual perception.

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It is also a tool for creating a pleasant microclimate since, in a room with a lot of wood, optimal air humidity is always maintained. Fresh wood fills the space with the scent of the forest, allowing you to plunge into romance and comfort.

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The relevance of using beams in high space is increasing because in this way they will not clutter up the room, but, on the contrary, fill the void in it. The height makes it possible to implement non-standard ideas, for example, to leave visible rafter legs with horizontal bars under them.

High Ceiling Aesthetics With Wooden Beams

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The next reason to make a wooden ceiling with beams in a spacious room is incredibly beautiful and stylish. Massive transverse structures bring an element of tradition into the interior, but they look creative.

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It is not for nothing that such a ceiling is used in the most extraordinary and atmospheric styles of home decoration, including loft, Barnhouse, and country. By modern standards, this design looks quite unusual.

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Depending on the style of ceiling decoration, it may not take you several centuries ago, allowing you to experience the atmosphere of a real, eco-friendly home.

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An impressive high ceiling with wood beams will be the main tool for creating a romantic, comfortable, quiet country home environment. It is at the same time the most important element of the aesthetics of space and a component of its comfort.