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Modern entrepreneurs, private dentists, lawyers often decide to build a house and an office in one building. But the idea of combining housing and a workplace for receiving visitors will be successful only if there is an optimal delineation of spaces and functional zones. Akim became a two-story house with a pool and a medical office from the architectural bureau CAS architecten. With their openness, housing and work areas remain virtually independent.

2 story house with pool
two story house with pool
double story house with swimming pool
two story pool house
2 story pool house
double storey house with swimming pool
2 storey house with swimming pool
2 story pool house plans
two story house with a pool
2 storey house with pool

Consider what techniques architects used to solve the problem.

two story pool house – project features

This is a two-story house project with a garage, pool and office. Part of the building from the backyard is completely reserved for residential premises. Visitors to the office do not have access to private housing and do not even see it. Residents can relax at the pool at any time without worrying about privacy. Proper planning allowed to make the back of the house completely open towards the courtyard – panoramic glazing, terraces.

2 Story House With Pool

The front part of a two-story house with a swimming pool, the one located on the street side, is used for a working space and a garage. At the same time, the entrance to the waiting area next to the office is made less noticeable.

2 Story House With Pool

They hid it a bit, focusing on the fact that this is a residential building, not a clinic. Improving the privacy of two independent spaces was helped by high-quality soundproofing.

2 Story House With Pool

double storey house with swimming pool – features of the arrangement of the local area

The pool in the back yard of the house is located so that it remains visible and can be accessed from several living spaces at once, but at the same time it is completely hidden from the office. The picture is complemented by a stylish and cozy patio, which is also visible only from the private part of this modern and beautiful two-story house with a swimming pool.

2 Story House With Pool

Near the building there is a private garden and terrace, which is accessed from the dining area. Basic garden views also come from the kitchen. It turns out that the venue for a picnic, family feast, outdoor games is closely connected with the indoor dining area. A poolside terrace is combined with a living room.

2 Story House With Pool

Thus, the architectural bureau CAS architecten was able to implement in one building, an area of 300 square meters and workspace, and a spacious, open living area. But at the same time, each part of the object remains localized from the other – they are almost independent.

2 Story House With Pool

The main advantage of this two-story house with a swimming pool is the rationality and reasonableness of the space. The facility is equally convenient for work and living. And although housing is assigned a dominant position, this is not to the detriment of the functionality of the office and waiting room.

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PhotoTim Van de Velde